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(A Top Pick May 24/18, Down 44%) They are transforming from a printing company to a packing company. They made an acquisition that still has not created traction. They spin off a lot of free cash flow -- about 17%. The valuation is only 5 times earnings -- very cheap. You could hold or wait to see some upside momentum to add new cash.
(A Top Pick May 24/18, Down 12%) He still likes them. The recent quarter saw revenues grow by 35%. They are investing in the future by adding square footage, so earnings will be a little chunky. It trades 16 times earnings and they have 10 year contracts to manage casinos and there is no real competition.
(A Top Pick May 24/18, Up 63%) A well run company and great management team. Since 2009 they have hardly issued any shares. Their 5 year dividend growth averages 25% annually. One of the few retail stocks in North America doing well. It trades at 18 times earnings. He continues to like to hold it.
They are focused on retail and restaurant sector. A great example of a Canadian growth company that does not get enough interest. One of the highest growth companies on the TSX. A good software company with high recurring revenues. Cheaper than Shopify. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $29.20)
They purchased the Brick a while ago. They are sitting on a nice cash flow position -- about 12% free cash flow yield. Payout ratio on the dividend is 38%. All they need to do to be successful going forward is buy back some shares and increase the dividend. Yield 3.68% (Analysts’ price target is $18.00)