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(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Down 17%) The economic overhang is weighting on the company. It is similar to MG-T. Don’t worry about it long term. They buy back shares and make really good acquisitions. They just aren't getting any attention and will do fine in the future.
(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Up 38%) They have a moat in that he has no idea how you would start up a competing company. They are spending a lot of cap-x because they see large potential returns. There is a lot to like with this one.
(A Top Pick Sep 13/18, Down 32%) They went out and bought another company and took on a lot of debt which concerns the market. He expects them to aggressively pay down their debt. They signed deals with companies like FOX and the market doesn’t care.
They do supply chain planning software. It flags problems and predicts impact. It is software as a service and recurring revenues grow above 20%. Their earnings are soft right now because of investment back into the company. They are trading on the lower end of the valuations that these companies trade at. (Analysts’ price target is $94.36)
Consistent high returns on equity. They are really good capital allocators. They refine fuel and ship it and sell it. They have convenience stores. What's most interesting is that they set up a nice platform in the US and internationally. They have a large runway of growth. They upped their guidance after releasing good results. They now have a loyalty program. (Analysts’ price target is $49.79)