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(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Down 46%) A year ago, energy was stabilizing. Now, it's terrible. Interesting: this stock price has been halved, but the metrics are the same. HSE is still really cheap: 3.7x EBITDA, 0.6x book value, 9x earnings. It beat its last quarter, but didn't matter. That's the story of half the energy sector. Pays a sustainable 4% yield.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Up 76%) #1 in corporate vehicle leasing. He bought it when they just came off a failed sale, and had to restructure with a write-down. The CEO was replaced. Now, earnings have recovered. Scores in the top 5% for price momentum. It's now expensive with high valuations. They beat a recent quarter, but carry a lot of debt. Valuation is way up. Pays only 1.7% yield, so you rely on growth.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Up 9%) They missed a few quarters before, but scores in the top 5% for valuation. Great ROE with 23x earnings. It's still a growth story. Fine balance sheet. Almost 90% of their sales come from their in-house brands. They're good at hitting the niche between fast fashion and affordable luxury.
I75% of their volumes head to Asia. WTE is in the top 5% of his stock valuations. 20% ROE, 8x EBITDA, a good 3% yield with a low payout. He expects share buybacks or more dividends. Well-positioned for cyclical growth recovery. (Analysts’ price target is $24.70)
It will do well with falling interest rates. It mostly holds long-term contracts in renewable energy, so there's no pricing risk (but Ontario's renewal rates will probably be at lower prices). Ranks in the top 3% of his valuation metrics. Has good price momentum. High ROE. They carry a lot of debt, like all utilities, but NPI has stable earnings. Trades at 10x EV to EBITDA, cheaper than most utilities. Yield of 4.7% based on a good 80% payout. They have some good projects on the go. Expect growth. (Analysts’ price target is $27.80)