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(A Top Pick Nov 01/19, Up 22%) REITs have had a pretty tough year but there has been some that have done well. A spin out of Magna. Portfolio of industrial, logistics and warehouse market. The shift from retail to online has been beneficial for them. Trades currently at 20x EBITA. Middle of the pack for price momentum. Valuation is alright. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Nov 01/19, Up 29%) A mystery since it has done well despite the pandemic. Distributor for Caterpillar equipment, constructions, power systems, etc. Home building is doing well and construction is doing well. Gold mining is also back in full swing. Their customers are having a good year. Scores well on all 3 metrics. A stable stock in the industrial sector.
(A Top Pick Nov 01/19, Up 10%) They have done exceedingly well. This is probably due to the stimulus checks in the US. For a while they couldn't even supply the market. Demand is strong. Metrics look good.
A contract manufacturer for electronics, communications, and storage. The move to the cloud has benefited them. The stock has struggled for a while but it is too cheap to ignore right now. Top 10% on valuation. 0.6x book value, 4.3x enterprise to EBITA, and 4x cashflow. A cashflow machine with no concerns on the balance sheet. A cyclical play. (Analysts’ price target is $10.28)
A Quebec based financial services, insurance, financial advice and brokerage. They have been caught up in the brought sell-off in financial stocks. Interest rates being low has hurt them. However, he sees interest rates rising as the economy improves. Top 3% on valuation, 8x PE, 4x cashflow and 1x book value. It is cheap with a 3.5% yield. (Analysts’ price target is $61.25)