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(A Top Pick Sep 17/18, Up 24%) An installment receipt eventually converts into the underlying equity, but you only pay a third of the share price and receive the full dividend. This resulted in a 16% yield. When he bought it there was a good chance a key acquisition would not go ahead -- this would have allowed you a full refund of your investment plus the interest earned. He also liked Hydro One anyway. The deal did fail and the installment receipts were paid out.
(A Top Pick Sep 17/18, Up 30%) When he bought this it was a defensive play. When the market sold the utility and pipeline space off, he bought. He still owns it today. It has good upward price momentum and a payout ratio of only 70%. It is highly levered, so be careful from here. He would still be a hold. Yield 4.5%
(A Top Pick Sep 17/18, Down 24%) He thought it was safe to buy when it had already fallen a lot. It was showing some supportive price momentum, but they missed earnings and it fell. Earnings continue to suffer and the stock is trading lower. The payout ratio is 140% of cash flow, so he exited. Yield 7.8%
REITs are generally expensive. It trades at 18 times EBITDA. Logistics and warehousing is now 50% of their portfolio and this space is growing. It has a low payout ratio, so there is room for the dividend to grow. A stellar balance sheet gives them lots of options. Yield 4.29% (Analysts’ price target is $69.50)
A heavy equipment dealer. He is looking for a cyclical recovery next year. They are a distributor for Caterpillar and other heavy equipment. Really good operators. Yield 1.58% (Analysts’ price target is $69.50)