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(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Down 15%) Caught up in the cyclical/value selloff. Have infrastructure that can't be replicated. Extremely good valuation. 8x price to earnings. Great balance sheet. Low payout ratio. Sold off, but it's coming back. Iron ore and steel prices are coming back. Beneficiary of inflation.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Up 53%) In the sweet spot. Friendly energy sources. Scores high on valuation, price momentum, high ROE. Balance sheet relatively levered like all its peers. If we start to see a more meaningful rotation, may come under pressure. Payout ratio of 70%, with a yield of 3.2%.
(A Top Pick Jun 26/19, Down 3%) Financials have been punished. Still holds it because of the valuation, trading below book value. Solid balance sheet. Will benefit from a reflation trade or rates moving higher. Payout ratio of only 27% with a yield of 4.1%.
Stealth rally in iron ore. Commodity is up 65% since the end of March. Fits the theme of reflation and value stocks. Trades at 8.2x earnings. High ROE. No net debt. Pay special dividends. Price momentum picking up. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $28.11)
Underlying price of lumber is at all-time highs. Stock is still at 50% below all-time highs. Remarkably strong home-building demand. Scores high on price momentum and value. (Analysts’ price target is $18.71)