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They participate in the spread when the deal is announced. Shaw is trading 24% the price Rogers has offered. This is due to the fear of regulatory intervention. Thinks that the real concern is on the wireless side, and this deal works without the wireless side. They can divest Shaw's wireless side and still be a good deal. Thinks there is a 85% chance of the deal going through. (Analysts’ price target is $37.92)
In a transformation to digital by investing in wealth business acuiqistions. International exposure is being retooled too. Likes it in general since banks have tail winds like yield curve steepening, ability to buy back stocks again, etc. One of the cheaper banks. The wealth business is showing good returns. Good value and volatility measures. (Analysts’ price target is $80.45)
Likes it for the non-bank financial play. In a bull cycle, one area to look at is broker dealers and asset managers. They are a wealth planner. Relatively new holding for him. Good price momentum and very reasonably priced at 8x enterprise value, 6.8x free cashflow, 16x earnings. Great balance sheet and using it for doing mergers. Fragmented business that can be consolidated. (Analysts’ price target is $249.46)
(A Top Pick Mar 10/20, Up 37%) Wouldn't buy it today. There are just other US picks with better metrics. Picked it 1 week before the markets bottomed last March. Home builders have very limited inventory. It is increasingly difficult to get building materials. Good return on equity. One of the largest home builders. 8x cashflow and EBITDA. Sold for better opportunities.
(A Top Pick Mar 10/20, Up 22%) National diagnostic and testing in US and Canada. Picked this for covid mass testing capabilities. Stock has done reasonably well. Still cheap and cheaper than in March due to growing into valuation. 7.8x EBITDA, 23% ROE and 12x earnings. Great balance sheet. Low pay out ratio, smaller yield.