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(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Down 44%) A bad pick he admits. Commercial print business that tries to drive down costs in their acquisitions. A stretched balance sheet matched with an earnings miss. Trades 6 times cash flow and 7 times PE. The stock is too volatile and the balance sheet is at risk.
(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Down 19%) He would continue to hold it. It has gotten cheaper. Trades 7 times cash flow. ROE of 28%. The dividend is safe. A recent shareholder activist has been added to their Board. It is cheap. Yield 2.7%
(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Down 42%) He got stopped out. Crude prices have not rallied, so the stock has not improved. Energy is great value at the moment, but this would not be his first entry back into the space.
For four years, during the energy bear market, this stock held its own. It just beat its earnings estimates today. Trades at 10 times earnings and 1.4 times book. A strong cash flow generator if oil prices hold. Yield 1.01% (Analysts’ price target is $17.36)
A midstream operator. A safer play on energy and prices more like a utility as a result. Has $200 million in project growth each year. Yield 5.99% (Analysts’ price target is $25.04)