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They are one of the best in North America. The broadcast industry only really grows at the GDP rate. What's going to change is that you now have Netflix and others and they are on the leading edge of that. On top of that is the high def cycle and the equipment is getting pretty old on that. They have a sustainable competitive growth. They just paid out a special dividend bringing the yield up to about 9%. (Analysts’ price target is $19.67)
This one has gone sideways for about the past 5 years. Although there are no barriers to entrance into their business, they are the largest auctioneer of industrial equipment globally. Thinks they are larger than the next 50 competitors combined. There is about $200 billion of used equipment that transacts every year but they only have about a 2% market share. This gives them a tremendous run way for growth. Just finished a CapX program to build a lot more permanent auction sites so they can now focus on filling those sites and he can see double digit earnings, cash flow and dividend growth. Yield of 2.47%.
Market leading tablet chip supplier for the smart phone and tablet markets. Should be able to keep pace with the growth in the tablet and smart phone markets, which are both gaining market share so it has great strong secular tailwinds behind it. Yield of 2.11%.
Great, strong secular trend towards electronic payments, both debit and credit. They don’t have credit risks; it’s the banks that take all the credit risks. They just charge a fee to process the transaction. Dividend yield of 0.79%.