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(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Up 1%) Played it for the seasonal trade. Came up to the 200-day moving average twice, and rolled over. So he got out. January - May is the optimal time to own. Might have a secondary run in July, August, September.
(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Down 0.4%) Trade wars with China was a reason to pick EM, as he didn't want to bet only on China. China's been a big factor in the drawdown. December - April is the optimal time. Feels that it will move higher once there's a trade deal, but he won't participate as it's against his seasonal mandate.
(A Top Pick Feb 08/19, Up 0%) From end of March to end of last week, he's been 100% invested. Recently took 66% out and put it in bonds, defensive, and cash. Now looking at areas that will benefit from a volatile market. Now is looking to redeploy and letting risk/reward be more aggressive.
Will benefit from volatility. Trades in options in futures. Seasonal strength is May - October. Reverse head and shoulders, should go to about $200. Yield is 1.64%. (Analysts’ price target is $183.63)
Tends to be less volatile than higher beta areas of software. Revenues are growing. Holds Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce. Optimal is July - November. Not in it yet, but the runway is coming up. Trend is still positive.