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July 31-Nov.8 is seasonality. It's outperformed the market by 4.2% in this period. It's trending higher and consistently. Software stocks are the new defensive stocks because they're adopting the subscription model, like Microsoft.
60% of this in utilities, real estate and staples to proect you from volatility. Be hedged to the CAD because we have diverging montary policies from the US. Be defensive as we enter a time of volatility. He is looking at this.
Pays a 2.15% annual yield. This mitigates volatility during the summer, a place to park your cash until you take advantage of volatility. This will lower your portfolio's volatility.
(A Top Pick May 10/19, Up 7%) Summer isn't a negative period necessarily for stocks and this is an example. CME benefits from volatility in Q3, also a time when trading volumes rise. May 11-Oct.5 is its seasonality.
(A Top Pick May 10/19, Up 3%) Software is the new staples, because it's going to the subscription model and will do well in upturns and downturns. Defensive. July 31-Nov.8 is seasonality. Summer is very good for this sector.