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(A Top Pick Oct 03/19, Down 2%) Still decent, though hit by bad earnings recently. There could be a giant US infrastructure build next year by Washington. He's concerned that this is underperforming the market and is trading below its 200-day moving average.
(A Top Pick Oct 03/19, Up 6%) A play on construction whose seasonality is end-October to February. This is trending higher, supported by major moving averages. He's buying into what goes into building new homes, like lumber which he's done very well with. Even 12 months ago, ITB outperformed, and it has since gone straight up since then. It's exhausted its run, so he's looking for something with juice.
(A Top Pick Oct 03/19, Up 6%) Yields 2.35%, better than fixed income products. This is the ideal hold to generate income. It enjoys higher highs and higher lows. Seasonal tailwinds through the end of the year. Lately it has underperformed the market, so he's a little concerned. He got out of this and into CUD-T instead. It holds the same basket but he didn't want CAD exposure (though CUD spiked today).
This is the catch-up trade, anticipating the rotation from the winners to the losers. The Russell has underperformed this year but has just broken out. There was a massive consolidation this summer. He wouldn't be surprised if a wider pullback, pulled this back too. Nov.9-April 3 is seasonality for the Russell 2000.
He projects $1,700 gold. Dec.15-Feb.24 is GLD's seasonality. It's had a tremendous breakout and hasn't sold off much, which is a big positive. Also, the Chinese buy gold for Chinese New Year. Volatility from geopolitical fears like the UK election are another tailwind.