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(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Down 19%) Mid-Dec to early-March is seasonality when it outperforms the market--which is something you want, not merely making market gains. However, this year, there wasn't buying demand for small caps. He sold this.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Up 14%) Gold hit his $1,700/ounce target today so he's no longer excited by it--unless you think the virus will get much worse. This is a bet on rising volatility, and he doesn't know if that will happen. Rather, he expects a snapback or volatility to decline. Mid-Dec though February is seasonality for gold. The trend is still positive.
(A Top Pick Dec 04/19, Down 15%) Any consumer stocks are terrible now. Don't buy then. However, now is seasonality, and the high dividends are attractive during volatile times. This failed to act as his hedge during volatility which upsetted him.
We can use low volatility now. Jan. 12-May 18 is seasonality. ZLB has held out better than the market lately and today. Holds utilities and REITs. It's a defensive bet. Who knows how long this volatility will last? You want to be in utilities.
You want to be in utilities during volatilty--who knows how long it will last? While it happens be in utilities; seasonality is Feb. 26 - May 18. This holds above major moving averages and this has been outperforming markets the last few days.