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Aerospace and mass transit. Margins have been improving dramatically. Have decent cash to support their working capital. Strong backlog. Good infrastructure play.
Good financing in August to pay for their broadband purchase and flush out the balance sheet. Very strong cash flow. Yield of 3% plus. Good price.
Showed tremendous production growth in 08 and hope to increase production to 1.8-1.9 million ounces of gold equivalent in 09 and moving to 2.4-2.5 million in 2010. Good cash position.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/08. Down 3.9%.) Last quarterly report was extremely strong. Company has shown the ability to withstand this down like. Have a very decent backlog and earnings are a lot stronger. A Buy.
(A Top Pick Jan 15/08. Down 83.7%.) Uranium prices dropped and companies got pounded. Added to his position at about $.85. Current spot for uranium is around $51 with long-term contracts trading around $70. Recently did an issue, which flushed out their balance sheet. Well set up for 09.