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(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 32%) Scotiabank just announced a $13.75 target. Managers own about 10% of shares. There's good industrial rent growth in Toronto and Montreal. Vacancy rates are rock-bottom low.
(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 63%) The long-term chart enticed him to buy. They're in aerospace. 90% of sales are from proprietary products. 70% of what they sell, they are the sole-source provider. Also, only 3% of their business is from the Boeing 737 Max. They won't raise guidance because of coronavirus worries. They recently gave investors $3.5 billion in special dividends, yet still expect to have $3 billion in cash by year's end.
(A Top Pick Feb 12/19, Up 17%) They're rebranded themselves as the Monthly Dividend Company and two days ago joined the S&P Dividend Aristocrats Index, a rarified space; enter it by paying dividends for 25 straight years. It's a core holding.
It can live in harmony with Disney+. He still enjoys their content and user experience. They are a pioneer. Also: Netflix is still growing rapidly internationally. (Analysts’ price target is $306.50)
It has delivered all its pre-IPO targets, though the stock has disappointed. Good revenue growth rate and moving towards profitability. Great potential in e-advertising. Pinterest has moved past Snapchat as America's third-most popular social marketer. They report earnings tomorrow. (Analysts’ price target is $27.00)