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(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 13%) They do well during volatility and less so during calm. It depends on transaction volumes. They're still growing well, but volumes declined 15% (when the markets were calm) earlier this year. Because it moves opposite to the markets, it's a hedge.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 23%) It boasts $15 billion in annual sales. The Gates own 10% of this company, which attracted him to this stock; the Gates are behind this name.
(A Top Pick Nov 20/18, Up 30%) Credit cards have penetrated only 40% of the world market. They just did a deal with a digital finance app to push into Europe. This adds 7 million new customers in Europe. Add more Visa during the current weakness.
Many are surprised that this--in the home-building space--is doing well now. They did 11,000 home closings last year at $4.5 billion revenue. He's bullish on the economy and KBH has done a great job finding active adult buyers, so many that they are having trouble keeping up with demand. This will do well in a choppy market. Millennials want homes. (Analysts’ price target is $36.86)
They bought Reckitt Benckiser which propelled from the 10th-largest to the 2nd biggest condiment company in the world. It's recession-proof and has been rising slowly during this current downtrend. They do a lot of partnerships with restaurants. A low-volatile, sleeping name that meets a consistent demand: cooking. (Analysts’ price target is $153.22)