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(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Down 14%) In August they got out. He believed that the US market was going to mature and there would be a spill over into this markets. It is doing well in the last couple of weeks. He still likes it for aggressive portfolios now.
(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Up 19%) There is a lot of turmoil in retail but they are demonstrating that brick and mortar still attracts the crowds. Good yield. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Apr 05/18, Up 0.5%) Got stopped out in the summer of last year. They are in the switching market. CISCO is their biggest competitor. He owns CISCO that is a less volatile name.
The Shopify of China but also has a delivery business. They are moving more into services. It correctly recently as it has been invested heavily but it is slowing paying off. Be patient. 50% growth in revenues. For aggressive accounts only. (Analysts’ price target is $47.38)
The DNA revolution has recently started. DNA sequencing has come from the thousands of dollars to the hundreds making it ore retail. Fast growing US name. (Analysts’ price target is $345.93)