Mike S. Newton, CIM FCSI
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Director & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick May 14/19, Down 8%) A tough road ahead for them, he thinks. Universal Studios is looking to re-open in Florida in early June. He continues to own it.
(A Top Pick May 14/19, Up 16%) They recorded a new milestone, top $1 trillion in merchandise volume. China-US trade concerns are creating headwinds. He would be buying on this pullback.
(A Top Pick May 14/19, Up 108%) He suffered a little pullback when some of their mines were forced to close briefly. He likes their royalty business strategy. He continues to like it. Be careful with today's valuation. His go-to gold name.
They make speakers for the home connected to the internet. Their marketing has brought new buyers in sound bars and smart speakers. He thinks it is a great opportunity. Their revenues have jumped 400%. There were rumours they might be a take out target in the next year. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $11.93)
He has owned this for some time now. They are in cleaning, sanitizing and waste management. Bill Gates owns a big chunk of their shares. Yield 0.94% (Analysts’ price target is $187.86)