Ara Nalbandian
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Aggressively trying to transition to more of a services and software driven company. Early on but have been quite successful. Trading at less than 7X forward earnings, net of cash. Attractive Risk/Reward. A lot of insider buying also.
There is a lot of shipping capacity and a lot of new ships coming out and freight rates have been depressed. This one has the cleanest balance sheet in the industry, the youngest fleet and the best operating metrics and are able to make a profit. Strong clientele. Able to buy ships at depressed prices from the competition.
(A Top Pick June 23/10. Up 43.7%.) Largest Canadian industrial recycler. Big project now is the recycling of wastes from the oil drilling processes. Improving margins. Undervalued.
(A Top Pick June 23/10. Down 27.9%.) Got out last year with a very small profit.
(A Top Pick June 23/10. Up 1.78%.) Trading at 8X forward earnings net of cash. Still likes.