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“For-profit” adult education. Can include night school and online courses. Their most well known brand is University of Phoenix. Unemployment in the US will probably be an average of between 6% and 7.5% and many of those will go back to school. Have just rolled out a major initiative for a 2-year degree rather than 4-years.
Consumer's product so is a bet on reflation (stimulation of economy by increasing money supply) trade as well as international trade. Has a great international presence. Also derive a tremendous amount of the revenue from advertising. On the rebound in ads, they will participate.
Trade down by the consumers and they will be more efficient on how they spend money. Expect they will capture market share from the consumer with the tighter wallet.
Rapidly growing business. They are all about transfer of money. Well positioned to capitalized upon the core of eCommerce. Less repatriation of money. Much of business involves people working abroad and sending money back.
Fairly controversial name. Held it for a long time. Added insignificantly at $8. Not a lot of fans of the CEO – he has some credibility issues. Enough core businesses to overcome what is happening in the financial business.