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Manufactures precision GPS equipment for the agricultural and Marine segments. 85% of their revenue comes of agriculture. Product saves farmers money and time. Also becomes more attractive as a farmer's land-base expands. Expect a great quarter reported in the next week so this is a short-term buying opportunity and a long-term hold.
They refurbish and replace existing turbines in power plants and there is a power crisis in Africa right now. A bigger play is their massive potash deposit in the Congo. Recently spun out a small portion of that development into a private company. Raised money to start funding the first stage, which was about $480 million for the entire phase 1. They are left with $400 million, about $2 a share.
One of the biggest cell manufacturers globally. Have an integrated model where they are playing in each part of the value chain and can protect their gross margins going forward. 2 or 3 months ago, they pre-released that the 2008 production would be 530 MW, below expectations. Long-term, they are one of the best-positioned companies. Good price.
(A Top Pick Nov 22/07. Up 1.7%.) Short term he is neutral on this one, but long-term the stock could double. Just announced an increase in their stock capacity from 350 MW to 560 MW. Also going to start construction on a 10,000 metric ton polysilicon plant, which he feels is a “sky in the pie” plan. Near term will need quite a bit of money which will hold the stock in.
(A Top Pick Nov 22/07. Up 34.7%.) Likes this one for the long-term. This is the long-term, going to survive, IBM, Apple of the solar industry. Wouldn't make it an overweight holding, but would put a little bit in your per photo.