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(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Down 63%) A disappointing performer, but he still holds it. Same store sales plunged last year following the completion of Canada 150 sales. It is still profitable, although it always loses money in Q1. An iconic brand and is expanding slowly into the US. He would be a buyer if he wasn't already an owner.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Down 5%) An analyst just issued a sell report on them -- calling for a 10% downturn. It trades about 8.5 times earnings. They were victims of their success in hepatitis medicine as it cured too many people, he says. It pays a 4% yield.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Up 17%) It had been dragged down with the Home Capital concerns a year ago. They had three dividend bumps over the year. It trades at 6.5 times earnings.
They just announced another acquisition -- this one out of North America. It now has a decent multiple. Analysts have raised estimates by 15% for next year following the transaction. Yield 5.09%. (Analysts’ price target is $43.43)
A quality solid business who just beat their earnings estimates this quarter. Trades around 11 times earnings. Yield 3.92% (Analysts’ price target is $83.32)