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(A Top Pick Apr 03/19, Up 2%) It is usually seasonal from April to October. It was defensive. It looks like it might turn down a little. He still holds it at this time.
(A Top Pick Apr 03/19, Down 4%) It is a weak time of year for materials. It went up starting the beginning of the year but it looks like it has broken its trend. It has not panned out.
(A Top Pick Apr 03/19, Down 4%) The supply demand case for energy is really quite strong but fundamentally investors are concerned about the future.
It is defensive with a seasonal period from May first to the beginning of August. Investors get attracted to this sector at this time of the year because it is defensive. It has started to outperform the market. It is less exposed to the China/US trade deal. It is not a bad place to be. It is a place to hide out in.
REITs are in a good time right now. Rates are pausing or perhaps heading down but the economy has not fallen apart and this is when the REITs do well. It is a hiding place.