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(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Down 10%) The seasonal period actually starts now. The energy sector has been killed again. It is showing some stability now. This downturn is the Corona virus. The lows are all getting higher.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Up 0.3%) Silver has been going down. But now we are seeing a bump positive. Unfortunately Silver is finished its seasonal strength.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/20, Up 4%) It has been on a tear. They get a lot of their product from companies going out of business. This has been a strong seasonal trade over the years.
Consumers are still spending money. The unemployment rate is really low. The consumer discretionary sector has been responding positively. There is an ascending triangle from the beginning of 2019 to the end and then it ticked up further. The seasonality is not until April. You don’t want to see the jobless rate tick higher.
The REIT sector does well from late February until September. We saw a breakout take place this year. It is a good transition to move into this sector.