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Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.

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(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 7%) It holds the bullion. (He works for Horizons.) Gold has done quite well, with a big rally in mid-2019 when interest rates fell. Late-December into late-January is gold's seasonality, which is happening. We could see a breakout due to strong interest in gold. We could see upside.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 2%) Small caps haven't seen a strong rebound after tax-loss selling season. SPSM had several consolidation channels (a series of ups and downs within a range) in 2019, but has broken above that but hasn't returned to previous highs. SPSM holds a reasonable opportunity now. Small caps do well in February into early March.
(A Top Pick Dec 06/19, Up 2%) This covers the value sector. Growth has outperformed valued in the last decade, except during value's seasonality. He expects this to pick up in late-February into April. IWD has broken out above $130, but has underperformed the growth sector.
It's capped but a total return index, covering energy. We're on the cusp of oil seasonality, and oil has been doing well since October. That said, oil is way off the highs from 18 months ago. We're seeing higher lows on the HXE chart, which is good. Feb. 25-May 9 is oil seasonality. Geopolitical tensions may help HXE and oil, but still have a ways to go.
Relative to gold's price, silver is now cheap. Late-December to late-February is seasonality. We're seeing a slight uptick. Silver had a strong run in summer 2019. This looks quite positive.