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(A Top Pick May 09/19, Up 10%) It's still going up. Interest rates are not rising, so it helps REITs. REIT's seasonality is May 6-Sept.20 , so he exited. The chart has been up since May, a solid trend.
(A Top Pick May 09/19, Up 4%) Seasonality ends Oct. 24. It's been faltering lately. The US election campaign is a headwind and will continue to overhang. He may exit this.
The Canadian banks have performed poorly most of this year, but have since a sharp uptick this month. Seasonality begins Oct. 10.
Seasonality starts now into mid-January. The chart dropped from 2015 to the start of 2019, then went sideways and consolidated, but now looks attractive. Looks good long-term. Get in now, get out in mid-January. (Analysts’ price target is $15.97)
He doesn't like naming cash as a top pick, but he is raising cash now. November is one of the most volatile months, so he can take advantage of this. Cash isn't long-term, but to take advantage of market drops.