Brooke Thackray
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Horizons ETFs (Canada) Inc.

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(A Top Pick Aug 05/20, Down 16%) We have seen gold decrease. He does not hold gold at this point. It has underperformed since last August due to rising rates. On a seasonal basis there are times when gold does well and we have just passed one of them. The next one is July 12th to the beginning of October. Gold is not the place to be from a seasonal perspective.
(A Top Pick Aug 05/20, Down 5%) It has been growing its dividend for 47 years and should grow by 6% into 2024. You should be in this company if you want to be in the utility sector. If we see interest rates pull back then he would expect this one to do quite well. He would expect rates to pull back in May.
(A Top Pick Aug 05/20, Down 5%) Bonds typically do well from May into October. We are outside the bond seasonal period right now and they have been getting hammered. We may see some reversal at some point but he would wait until May to acquire this one.
It just started its seasonal period, which goes to early May. We have seen it perform well. This is a good anchor in a portfolio. It is getting lots of cash flow. They are going to be buying back a lot of stock. (Analysts’ price target is $30.10)
This is a cyclical pick. Strength is Jan 28 to May 5th. It is positive over 80% of the time with an average gain of over 80%. (Analysts’ price target is $112.10)