John Manley
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This is a play on the bullion. As the markets have been breaking out into new highs, gold has been doing so also. Technically it looks like it is going to have an ascending triangle break out. Looking for gold to challenge its previous highs of $720.
This is the exchange that trades futures and options. They are in a bid now to buy the Chicago Board of Trade. Sees the consolidation in this area being very positive. Thinks the next resistance level is $580. Earnings come out on April 24, so wait for that. Because it is expensive, he would play it with options.
Has been weak against the markets but broke out quite strongly today. This is a short-term buy.
(A Top Pick Jan 24/07. Down .07%.) Showing a reverse head and shoulders pattern and has broken above the neckline, so it may have little more room to run.
(A Top Pick Jan 24/07. Up 9.5%.) This is broken out with the oils. Very over bought at this time.