Peter Gibson
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Desjardins Securities

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Switched out of Agriun (AGU-T), which he still likes but thought this would perform better. World's largest fertilizer company and low cost producer. ROE growth is the 3rd fastest in the TSX in the companies he looks at.
Typically when you come to the end of these panics stimulus takes place. Oil comes off from very low levels and recovers nicely. This one has ROE levels of 43%.
Has cash, derivatives, facilitation in equity markets, fixed incomes, energy markets, excellent characteristics and higher ROE levels. Good growth rate. Still has lots of room to run.
Profit growth although it is clear that profitability is going to collapse in this sector going forward. Still thinks oil prices are going to bounce back to the $70’s and maybe $80.
Likes it for the really well sourced operating characteristics. Good margin growth. Good asset turnover growth.