Jean-Francois Tardif
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Latest Top Picks

Distribution services for nursing homes. Generates a lot of free cash flow. Nursing homes are a growing market. Recession resistant. 13% distribution.
Canadian leader in used car parts. Also have a lot of business in the US. Recession resistant. Trades at about 10X earnings. 2% yield. All earnings are free cash flow, which they can use to make acquisitions.
Top Short iUnits S&P TSE 60 ETF. A lot of people feel that markets are at risk. By Shorting this, you are hedging against the setback that is potentially coming. This ETF has 60 stocks so you are diversified. An alternative to selling stocks.
(A Top Pick June 23/08. Down 44.2%.) Deere dealerships. Expected agriculture to not get hit with the down draft. Still bullish on agriculture. Makes more than $2 a share but earnings are expected to go down this year. Extremely cheap. Yield of 8.9%. Bullish on Western Canada. Good management.
(A Top Pick June 23/08. Down 11.68%.) Consultants to pension funds. Very recession resistant. Nice dividend.