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A sector outperform. Has a lot of trading liquidity. High operating margins of 55/58%. Expects an increase in to yield of 7.3% in 2005 and even higher in 2006.
Sector outperform recommendation at a target price of $8.75. This is lower than current price, but it offers a level of income that gives a positive rate of return over the next year which may not happen with the rest of the group. Very strong management team.
Offers a higher than average yield. Also has an element of growth. Expects distributions to go from $1.14 to $1.18. Has been very effective in growing its portfolio of office space properties. Focused in Toronto, but moving into Montreal as well.
Has not moved with the price of gold, but is the most attractively valued among the seniors.
Earnings will be announced tomorrow, so see what they are before buying. Estimated that they will be $0.63/0.64 a share. Strong balance sheet and a great history of consolidating. Valuation is about 16 X this year's earnings. 15% growth is expected.