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(A Top Pick Jun 21/19, Up 2%) Hasn't sold any. Loves it. He'd name it a top pick again, but it's too soon. They just reported earnings with great free cash flow which will lead to share buybacks and dividend increases. Everything is on track here.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/19, Up 8%) He's not worried at all about pressures on wiring pricing in the States, and in fact expects more rational pricing to come with only three big players.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/19, Up 10%) They just reported and raised their guidance. The integration with a health insurer is going well, so investors are relieved. It's at a super-low valuation. He expects a good return. The stock is down this year because of American politics threatening this sector.
Their last two earnings reports show that the integration is going well. Reception is going well for their new health hubs (integration pharmacy, wellness, primary care) starting in Texas, and will continue to add them across the States. (Analysts’ price target is $69.00)
A headwind is breaking off with air express contract and now the ground contract with Amazon, leaving just the international deal, but thost cuts amounted to only 1.5% of FedEx's revenues. The valation and stock price are down nearly 50% from its highs, and expectations have declined. Meanwhile, e-commerce is the only area that continues to grow. FedEx is going small small/medium businesses. FedEx has an advantage over Amazon, because FedEx has 30 years of overnight delivering, whereas Amazon is on a learning curve. (Analysts’ price target is $186.44)