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(A Top Pick Aug 09/19, Up 6%) It also benefits on the insurance side. The integration with the pharma side has gone well. Earnings are expected at $7 per share and if it trades at 10 times earnings, it will be a $70 stock.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/19, Down 10%) They had an earnings call where they missed guidance and dropped their expectations. Asia-Pac economic slowing was to blame. However, there is only a handful of global shipping companies and this is on sale right now -- a rare opportunity.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/19, Up 6%) There have been some management changes and the stock is slowly reacting positively. He still sees upside from here. Yield 5.5%
On sale right now. They are doing cost reductions and he expects margins to grow as benefits of 7 day delivery begins. Yield 2.79% (Analysts’ price target is $177.28)
It has come under pressure as Apple is rumored to begin using their own chips. A well run company that is just getting their stride back. Yield 2.52% (Analysts’ price target is $53.77)