China will have high demand. Prescriptions plus fashion statement. Merger with Luxottica makes it an elephant with no competition, so they can control price, earnings will pop and revenue will grow. Still moves to make in China, Latin America, and Africa/Middle East. NA and Europe are covered, but still room for growth. Owns and continues to buy.

A great company and a real leader and contact lenses and associated paraphernalia. Had a bit of a flat year in 2013 because, like so many consumer stocks, the price got way ahead of itself and is still way ahead of where it needs to be. If it gets below, €65 might be the time to look at this.


(A Top Pick Sept 14/12. Up 5.33%.) Has been coming down recently because they have been making acquisitions. Still likes it as they are the only game in town as far as lenses are concerned. Good long-term hold.


(A Top Pick September 14/12. Up 21.76%.) Makes the lenses for eyeglasses. Just took over 100% of the transition line, all the anti-glare and anti-fog. This is a monopoly that controls the market and prices. There is a lot of growth still to come. Still buying.


(Paris Exchange) Manufacturer of eyeglass lenses. Expanding into South America and Africa as per capita income is rising, people can now afford reading glasses. Same-store sales were up about 15% and revenues were up about 25% because of the acquisitions they’ve made. Stock is trading at about 21-25 times earnings but they are growing at that rate now.

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What is Essilor International stock symbol?

Essilor International is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol EI-FP on the (). It is usually referred to as or EI-FP

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