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(A Top Pick June 11/14. Up 53.07%.) There are 3 Japanese telcos and they don’t compete particularly hard. Japan is just in the early stages of the smart phone rollout, so they are still seeing good growth. He continues to like this name.
(A Top Pick June 11/14. Up 40.82%.) Even though movie ticket sales are anaemic, the industry has done a very good job of up-charging you on concessions. Still has plenty of space to go both in their British and central European operations.
(A Top Pick June 11/14. Up 3.03%.) Returns have been flat as expectations for economic growth in Canada subside because of the collapse in oil prices. He mulled over using this as a Top Pick again. Not particularly expensive.
Decent sized regional US bank with credit cards being a big part of their business. Attractive share price. Trading at about 11X forward earnings. When and if short-term interest rates go up in the US, earnings will grow at a very decent clip. A very strong bank with a very attractive position in the credit card industry. Dividend yield of 1.79%.
They have a camera business that is small and dwindling, but the lion share of profits comes from medical devices. A global leader in flexible endoscopes (over 70% global market share) and surgical endoscopes. Had a huge accounting and board scandal 3-4 years ago, and completely changed the board and senior leadership and cleaned up their books. Really starting to benefit from this. Dividend yield of 0.39%.