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Experts agree that Intuitive Surgical Inc. has seen a strong performance and is well-positioned for future growth. The company's surgical robots are in high demand, with a rising trend in non-emergency medical procedures. There is also a focus on improving software to complement their hardware. Despite some concerns about valuation and competition, the overall consensus is positive, with potential for continued growth in the foreseeable future.

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Last year, non-emergency medical procedures finally caught up after Covid and are now at higher than average levels. ISRG makes surgical robots for minimally invasive procedures. It's rallied 52% since October's lows. They recently pre-announced a blow-out quarter.

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Their story is about the hardware, but going forward it will be about improving software. It's outperformed healthcare peers. It's a core holding for those who believe in applying tech to healthcare.

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Trevor Rose’s Insights - Trevor’s most-liked answers from 5i Research

Revenue of $1.74B rose 12% year over year, but missed estimates of $1.77B slightly. Instruments and accessories revenue rose 23%, but systems sales fell 11%, Worldwide procedure growth was 19%, vs 20% last year and estimates of 19.4%. Installed base rose 13%. Adjusted EPS was $1.46, vs estimates of $1.41. Intuitive Surgical's results may put the focus on the equipment-leasing impact, but that shouldn't overshadow total placement and procedure volume trends showing increased utilization of its robotic system. The share of robots leased over several years, instead of purchased outright, rose to 52% vs. 37% a year ago. Still, procedure growth was strong year over year, including continued double-digit gains in bariatric surgeries despite patients trying weight-loss drugs. New da Vinci placements were 312 for 3Q, ahead of expectations for 305. The results led Intuitive to raise its 2023 procedure guidance to 21-22% year-over-year growth vs. 20-22% previously and bracketing consensus of 21.5%. We would consider the results good. 
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Has many tailwinds. Likes it. But for healthcare overall, the biotech sector has been awful this year. Doesn't know when this will lift, but biotech is holding back healthcare.

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(A Top Pick Aug 10/22, Up 39%)

Company has performed very well the past year.
Excellent business model with high cash flow margins.
Long growth runway.
Has recently sold due to high share price valuation (60x P/E ratio).
Better names in sector with cheaper valuation.

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Good company, strong growth area. Medical device technology is changing rapidly, and competition will increase, but this company has an edge. He prefers SYK because of its diversification.

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He is still waiting to get into a position. You are paying a higher multiple for 20% annualized growth. It is dominant in robotic assisted surgery devices which improve surgery results. It is a $20 billion market which is expected to double in the next few years. Higher growth stocks do get impacted by higher interest rates.

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Soared during lockdowns, but got obliterated when the Fed declared war on inflation and names like this got hit. It lost more than half its value and has rebounded partly. Early this year, they pre-announced disappointing number though the company is still growing. Has a good track record over the past 10 years.

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ISRG vs. SYK Reported last night, market not too happy, but this is short term. At 50x PE, expensive on any traditional valuation. Has no real competition in robotic surgery market. Great franchise and platform. Will grow earnings over next decade 200-300%. Because SYK is in hips and knees, it's not in direct competition. SYK's space is more competitive, but also has much lower valuation. With Covid shortages ending, SYK could see some upside next 3-4 months.
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He's looked at it for 20 years. Their technological, Da Vinci, is a successful robotic surgical tool. But their PE is very high; people pay up for this technology, which has gone up and down (down during Covid when there were few surgeries). But shares have bounced back. PE remains too high. Pass.
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They make surgical robots. Their install base is growing, but their PE always been too high. They might change because shares have come off. Don't buy, but watch.
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He likes it and will stick by it, but the market isn't fond of this sector.
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Leader in robotic surgery. Relatively early days in this space, and ISRG has a massive head start. Both JNJ and MDT are trying to enter this market and having trouble. Recurring revenue model drives financial performance. Less invasive, new product for diagnosing lung tumours. Expensive PE, but highly profitable. He expects 10-15% growth of topline revenue for next decade. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $250.34)
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Leader in robotic surgeries. More volatility due to concentration in that area. Still trades at 36x earnings. Solid growth franchise. Could be subject to M&A. He prefers a more diversified company. You could ladder into it.
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Add to position? Yes, as Covid peaks, this stock will go back up though not much beyond its highs. This was hurt by lockdowns which halted surgeries.
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Intuitive Surgical Inc. is a American stock, trading under the symbol ISRG-Q on the NASDAQ (ISRG). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:ISRG or ISRG-Q

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