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(A Top Pick Jul 17/19, Down 4%) Still likes this diversified large-cap biopharma. Has a great diabetes franchise, though little growth, but they rely on an immunotherapy franchise (a cancer treatment)--they've done great execution here over the past 6 years.
(A Top Pick Jul 17/19, Up 95%) They've developed an antibody for Covid. Great company that he's been adding to. Fine valuation. They have a fine franchise in a severe atopic dermatitis drug. They're also developing an asthma drug that looks promising.
(A Top Pick Jul 17/19, Up 25%) Managed care in the past 7 election cycles outperformed the market post-US elections. UNH is one of the largest US health insurers, plus they have their networks of doctors and facilities, and they manage Medicare (a fast area of growth). Acquisitions have positioned them as dominant in managed care. This remains a top pick.
He's sticking with it. You're buying the best in class. Some of their platforms receive bi-partisan support from Washington. Their Medicare business will see great growth in the next 3-4 years. They're vertically integrated. Pays a decent dividend at a decent valuation. He likes this managed care sector. (Analysts’ price target is $362.46)
He liked their Celgene acquisition last year (though the market didn't), because it diversified their exposure to other drugs which have exectued well. Their R&D and core business are doing well. The stock trades at only 8x earnings. There is a disconnect between company performance and the market. It's very cheap and they execute well. (Analysts’ price target is $72.93)