Paul MacDonald
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Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Jan 17/20, Up 14%) An easy hold. Great visibility. Managed care. Commercial health insurance, plus one of the key administrators of Medicare and Medicaid. Enjoys bipartisan support. Underlying businesses are doing great.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/20, Down 15%) Committed to transitioning to a more pure play R&D-focused biopharmaceutical company. But it hasn't delivered. Consumer businesses are being spun out. Great vaccine business, but there's competition. OK at current valuations. Risk profile has changed. Finances will be impacted by number of vaccines actually needed.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/20, Up 16%) Medical devices and robotic-assisted surgery. Elective surgeries have resumed from last quarter.
Great growth in robotics surgery. Uptick in elective surgery. Stands to benefit from pent-up demand as we return to normal. Likes it short- and medium-term. Yield is 1.03% (Analysts’ price target is $249.12)
Large cap biotech. Humera generates $20B a year in revenue. Exceptional job at using that cashflow to diversify, as in buying Allergan. 15% EPS, clean balance sheet. Its value will eventually be realized. Yield is 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $121.05)