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It offers diversity in an area that the Canadian market doesn't have. Healthcare, insurance, but also owning networks and pharmacy benefit managers. Trades at an attractive multiple for their growth potential. A dominant player that merits the premium. (Analysts’ price target is $335.74)
A diversified medical devices company. They create a variety of equipment, including orthopaedics and robotic surgery. The company has executed very well. They recently made an acquisition that helps them move into hips, knees and ankles. There is volatility. He would enter around $205-210. (Analysts’ price target is $230.25)
He takes a contrarian view as the company reorganizes its business. They are making acquisitions including in the oncology and vaccine business. There are some big drugs coming out of the pipeline. They are becoming more focused on R&D and building out their pipeline. They have around 15 phase 3 drugs right now. Patent expiry is what you have to watch for with this name. (Analysts’ price target is $42.54)
(A Top Pick Dec 03/18, Up 6%) It hasn't been an easy 6%. They have been trading out their covered calls. In early 2019, medicare talks put pressure on this stock. It's a medical insurer, which is a sort of company we don't have in Canada. They deal with healthcare insurance and pharmacy benefit manager. One of the best in the sector.
(A Top Pick Dec 03/18, Up 19%) This company's been on their top picks list since 2016. He spoke to the head of Research when they were brining forward immunotherapy drug Keytruda. The trials are going well over multiple trials. They are also #3 in the animal business too.