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(A Top Pick Jul 05/18, Up 28%) Anthem is in managed care in health care, dominant in Blue Cross/Blue Shield in 13 U.S. states. It's recovered well since April when the Medicare for all calls were coming from Washington. Still likes Anthem and it continues to do well. It consistently delivers.
(A Top Pick Jul 05/18, Up 3%) One of the world's largest biotech companies. They have 3-4 blockbuster drugs in the pipeline in phase 1 & 2. It's an under-owned stock. Enbrel, their largest-selling drug, is undergoing a parent review. If Amgen wins--which he thinks will happen--then there'll be a 12% stock boost; if not, it will fall 12%. Either way, after this review, Amgen is still worth buying.
(A Top Pick Jul 05/18, Up 37%) It's been his top pick for three years. They continue to execute, like their immunotherapy drug. Trades at only 15x earnings with a good rate of return. The market is focused on their Keytruda therapy which merck is executing well.
A diversified drugmaker that generates consistent returns. Patent declines are offset by a deep pipeline of new drugs from acquisitions. Also boast and organic R&D. MRK pays an attractive yield and has a decent balance sheet. Positive developments continue from Keytruda, an immuno-oncology therapy. MRK trades at 15x earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $91.73)
A higher-risk/return play. This biotech has several core products generating good free cash flow. They’re partnering with Sanofi on Dupixent to treatment severe atopic dermatitis and potentially severe asthma. They also have another drug to treat specific eye diseases. REGN boasts various late-stage drug trials. Regeneron is a new Top Pick for us, driven by the valuation having compressed significantly on concerns over U.S. Medicare Part B drug pricing policy proposals. We believe these are more than reflected in the current price.Their dermatitis drug is getting traction. This stock has been beat up for the wrong reasons. This (Analysts’ price target is $389.38)