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(A Top Pick Nov 12/19, Up 9%) Very stable, defensive income stock. Plan to increase dividend annually by 5% until 2025, and they have the capital to do so. Visible dividend growth, with a 47-year track record. Yield around 3.8%.
(A Top Pick Nov 12/19, Up 13%) Just under 40% of revenues come from emerging markets, and this will continue to grow. During the pandemic, they've seen stronger growth in their belt market, as people are doing more snacking at home. Trades at a discount to peers, and this gap should narrow over time.
(A Top Pick Nov 12/19, Up 6%) Big presence in China, and there's lots of potential there. Also in India and European markets, and you want this exposure to markets not fully developed. Recently bought a new brand, which they can grow and franchise out.
Long-term growth. #1 with a 17% global share. Service contract side is very attractive, with very high margins. Service accounts for 57% of revenue, but 80% of profit. High renewal rate, long contracts. Defensive cashflow, more recession-resistant. Great upgrade cycle coming up. Yield is 1.21%. (Analysts’ price target is $69.30)
Benefits from secular trend to plastic. Revenues and earnings were down, when typically these grow. Transaction volume was down, but this will return when the economy recovers. (Analysts’ price target is $221.09)