Christine Poole
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CEO & Managing Director at
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(A Top Pick May 13/20, Up 14%) In 2020, chose names that could hold in during an uncertain time. Plans to increase dividend by about 10% this year, possibly mid-high single digit growth going forward. Benefits from de-carbonization.
(A Top Pick May 13/20, Up 21%) A leader in snacks. Defensive name. Gained share in 8% of their categories last year. Valuation is at a discount, plus sales to EM provide a good runway for growth.
(A Top Pick May 13/20, Up 49%) Almost an oligopoly. Very attractive business model. Profitable, recurring revenues. A much more defensive cyclical. Europe and China are growth areas. Reopening will increase service calls. Moving to digitization. Wait for a pullback to commit new money.
Should do well going forward in their 5 areas: property, infrastructure, credit, renewables, private equity. Will benefit as more institutions allocate funds to the types of alternative assets that BAM holds. Yield is 1.14%. (Analysts’ price target is $66.95)
Hit by the pandemic, but Disney Plus did well through the crisis. Huge content library that they can stream. A reopening play on the parks, plus the new growth path of streaming. Positive future growth prospects. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $204.86)