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(A Top Pick Feb 13/20, Down 4%) Still likes it and holds it for client portfolios. Continues to buy at these levels. Covid impacted the consulting side. They are starting to see more bookings recently. Companies need to digitize and increase cybersecurity, services CGI offers. Strong balance sheet and well-positioned for acquisitions.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/20, Up 31%) Cruise lines and theme parks have been a drag, but they pivoted quickly to their direct to consumer streaming service. They boosted their subscription target recently. It is also a covid recovery play for when the theme parks and cruise lines come back. The franchise value is still very high. Would not add new money, wait for a pullback.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/20, Down 16%) They spun off Otis and Carrier, and merged with Raytheon. It is now half defence and half aerospace. The defence side has been doing well. Continues to hold it, and is a play for the recovery in the airline industry. Great management team. Earnings are depressed, but it will pick up with reopening.
The largest industrial gas company in the world with 24% global share. Almost in an oligopoly. Industrial gas is critical for many end markets and applications. 40% of the business is very recession resistant. Applications in electronics, health care and clean energy. Valuation is reasonable. Expects to increase earnings by double digits and dividend is expected to increase annually. (Analysts’ price target is $293.58)
Holds the number one market share in biscuits, candy and chocolate. Snacking is a favourable category with less private labels and more brand loyalty. Benefitted from covid with consumers gravitating to familiar brands. 40% of revenues come from emerging markets and demand will continue to increase. Trading at an attractive valuation. (Analysts’ price target is $65.24)