Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Alex Ruus commented about whether MOZ-T, BIR-T, RIO-N, ATH-T, PPL-T, GOOG-Q, INTC-Q, CVE-T, FLY-X, WELL-T, CFP-T, ENB-T, FRU-T, SU-T, TOU-T, PIF-T are stocks to buy or sell.

(A Top Pick Jul 02/21, Down 8%) Will continue to hold as still thinks a strong company. Currently trading at 2x earnings. Stock very attractive at current price. Volatility in lumber pricing creating opportunity for long term investors.
west coast forestry
Not a profitable company that will struggle with rising interest rates. Better places for capital. Wait until later date to invest. Business model in the long term will survive (healthcare will always be required).
Frustrating stock as technology and team is strong. Returns not materializing yet. Recent acquisition will help company grow. Government mandates for company technology not being enforced. Expecting another share issuance to dilute shares.
Doesn't own stock, but thinks company is undervalued relative to free cash flow. Outstanding oilsands operator. Expecting increased share price, dividends and share buybacks. Energy sector very undervalued.
oil / gas
Believes current share price is fairly valued. Would hold shares if already own them. Company in transition of business model (losing market share). Semi-conductor business requiring lots of cash to invest in.
electrical / electronic
Excellent business that has best advertising business in the world. Expecting more and more advertising to move online. Competitors slipping in market share (Facebook etc.) Stock price is undervalued with rising interest rates. Good time to buy shares in the company.
Business Services
Excellent business model with strong management and assets. Rising energy prices will create further demand for business. Critical infrastructure that is hard to replicate. Stock price is undervalued at current price. Market has not figured out hard to build assets the company already owns.