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(Past Top Pick, November 16, 2017, Up 30%) It slowly grew as it increased its earnings. The market once considered this yesterday's tech company. This will likely outgrow Amazon Web Services. It's starting to get expensive, but this half-trillion company is actually accelerating growth.
(Past Top Pick, November 16, 2017, Up 22%) A free cash-flow machine: a $50-billion stock with 58% fewer shares outstanding than 12 years ago. They've done this without levering the balance sheet. The second-largest health insurer in the U.S. Trades at only 15x foward earnings.
(Past Top Pick, November 16, 2017, Down 23%) Pays a 5.5% yield. Today it hit a 52-week low. He's happy to buy it this cheap.
Unknown in Canada so it's subject to volatility. It's the North American and Australian leader in fleet management. Generates a lot of free cash flow. Trades at a discount to book value at 8x next year's earnings. (4.3% dividend, Analysts' price target: $7.55)
The world leader in deliveries. they will continue to grow and will transition from brick and mortar to online. Trades at only 15x forward earnings and 4% free cash flow yield. A cheap stock. A strong buy. (2.9% dividend, Analysts' price target: $128.05)