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(A Top Pick Aug 26/19, Down 0.3%) Has added to his position. A free cashflow machine. Great balance sheet. When the energy sector turns, this stock will take off. Free cashflow yield is 13-14%. A lot of upside. Yield is 9%.
(A Top Pick Aug 26/19, Up 11%) Second largest provider of healthcare and managed care in the US. Owns Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Great market position and branding. Help control costs in the system. Great cashflow generator. Trades at 12x PE. Yield is 1.1%.
(A Top Pick Aug 26/19, Down 13%) Green power generator. A great story. Added power projects last year. Stock is dirt cheap. Wildly undervalued, lots of upside. Yield is over 6%.
New management team has done quite well this year. NA's leading fleet manager. Recently had a debt upgrade, so this will add to its profitability. Nice free cashflow. Small, but growing, dividend. Trades at only 11x next year's earnings. Yield is 1.57%. (Analysts’ price target is $13.86)
World's largest software company. Free cashflow machine. Remarkable in that it's showing accelerating growth. Growing cloud business faster than Amazon. Expects upside earnings surprises, and more upside in the stock. Yield is 1.34%. (Analysts’ price target is $161.36)