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(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Down 6%) Trades at 7x earnings. cash easily cover its dividend. it's a growth cyclical stock. The auto space is turning over, but he expects only a mild downturn. Over the next three years, MG will generate cash flow equal to a third of the company. Pays a 3% dividend. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Up 53%) He had to stomach a lot of volatility to hang onto it. He took some losses initially. 18 months ago they went into a leasing venture with an American company that didn't work out. EFN was a favourite short on the market, bottoming around $3. But it's the #1 fleet manager in North America and Australia, a great business which generates a ton of free cash flow. New managers have turned EFN around, fixing the balance sheet.
(A Top Pick Sep 05/18, Down 5%) Has sold some of this. UPS is more resilient than FedEx. Long-term it's a great play on e-commerce--more stuff is getting delivered. It's a short-term trade now--global trade is a little off--but a long-term hold. It's the best company in this industry. Pays over a 3% dividend yield.
Oil stocks have been slaughtered. This is like owning Saudi oil--FRU's cost of production is $5/barrel. So even if oil plunges to $30, it still makes money. These royalty companies are a great investment. Pays a 9% dividend, paying only 60% of free cash flow. A screaming bargain. (Analysts’ price target is $11.55)
A free cash flow machine. He's owned this for many years. It's retired 59% of its shares in the past 13 years. Trades at a PE of 11x. A cheap stock. Its 2% dividend will probably rise 10% next year. His 2020 EPS estimate is $22.89/share with a PE of 11x. (Analysts’ price target is $339.86)