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(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 11%) An example of looking 12 months out. Good cashflow. Leader in fleet management. Lets corporate customers outsource that task. Earnings are going up. Trades at 10x earnings. Stock will do well no matter what the market's doing.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 8%) One of the few super-large companies that are seeing increasing sales momentum. Amazon was the early leader, but MSFT has the competitive edge. Accelerating growth. Generates almost 50B of free cashflow. Going higher.
(A Top Pick Nov 28/19, Up 2%) Good, solid company. Impossible to get new pipelines built. ENB is the largest oil pipeline in North America. Its assets will become more valuable over time. Good buying opportunity.
An example of understanding the value of the company. They have zero cost of production, so if oil goes to $10, they still make money. Free cashflow machine. Payout ratio is under 100% all the way down to the high 30s. Expects a $10-12 stock with oil above $50 a year from now. Yield is 10.48%. (Analysts’ price target is $10.46)
Understand what you own. Clean power in Nicaragua and Peru. Super cheap. Dividend likely to be increased next year. A good news story. Lots of upside. Yield is 5.19%. (Analysts’ price target is $25.00)