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(A Top Pick Aug 2, 2016, Up 46%) It changed its name. The merger acquisition transaction was quite complicated. It was one of the most value creating transactions he has seen. It is now DXC-T.
(A Top Pick Aug 2, 2016, Down 17%) Putting Boots into Walgreens has been quite a challenge. Still a well run business and a cheap stock.
(A Top Pick Aug 2, 2016, Up 17%) They benefited from Trump. They suffered write downs and losses from Uber loans last year. But it is still an interesting business.
Restaurant kitchen equipment manufacturer that ventured into residential brands. They own 30-40 commercial equipment brands. They are not a customer facing brand so no one knows of them. They have done 15-20% compounding growth. He thinks they will continue to compound at these rates over a multi year period. (Analysts’ target: $139.86).
The biggest Berger King franchisee in Brazil. They want to be dominant in food service and QSR-T in brazil. 15-20% growth. Low leverage. They are going to sell more Canadian brands into Brazil. (Analysts’ target: BRL21.25).