(A Top Pick Feb 10/21, Up 23%) Believes company has unique value proposition of laboratory testing + product manufacturing. Company has been very active in making acquisitions. No material debt as a result of large free cash flow. Revenue growth will slow as Covid-19 reduces.
electrical / electronic
(A Top Pick Feb 10/21, Up 46%) Believes company is leading insulin producer for diabetics. Revenues outside USA are increasing. Above average financial results from previous quarter was rewarded by market. Rising diabetes levels in society will be good for company. Company has very little debt and is looking at other products.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Rising interest rates will improve net interest margins (spread between mortgages issued and deposits taken). Dividend increases have occurred across the industry. Well diversified business that has operations in USA + globally. Avoid buying too many banking stocks as exposes investor to sector risk.
Many tech sector companies trading at extreme valuations. Even well run/profitable companies will be negatively affected by rising interest rates. Company has grown large which makes it hard to grow. Not a good time to buy into the tech sector.
computer software / processing
Believes company is a well run however, not a good time to buy. Rising interest rates will negatively affect private equity as it is hard to raise capital. Not buying shares until clarity on interest rate increase. Stock is over valued.
management / diversified
Believes company has a problem with not being listed in the US market. Not enough investors to push value of stock up. Chinese government has unpredictable influence on company. Far too risky to invest in company. Not a good stock for long term investors.
Company is good as it provides quality products that are globally diversified. Middle management being reduced is good for the business. Looking for an increase in the dividend. As Covid-19 ends, believes company will strengthen.
food processing