He hasn't looked at it recently. It's a safe, Canadian dividend stock, but not the kind of business he's looking at now. It's in a heavily regulated industry, a commodity, so if there's too much sugar produced in a given year, the stock will get hit.
Consumer Products

He used to own it to get exposure to Canadian natural gas. Assets and management are superb, and pays a fine dividend. However, at the start of March, he changed his outlook given how tough a sector energy was and gas demand was uncertain. He sold all his energy stocks and put his money into CNQ. Arc is still a good company. If you hold, be patient. When energy improves, so will Arc's stock.

oil / gas

Suncor vs. CNQ Both great Canadian energy stocks. He has owned Suncor and currently owns CNQ as his only energy stock. CNQ maintained its dividend throughout the lockdown, while he believes Suncor lowered theirs to protect their balance sheet. He likes CNQ in energy---you still get a nice yield. Suncor and CNQ will do well long term. Suncor will do well if the energy space improves. He owns 3.5-4% energy on the low side, but you don't want to own too much or too little energy. About two years ago, SU's refining assets were doing really well and got a premium valuations, so maybe that's why the stock has unwound recently.

integrated oils

He has owned CVS instead in the past. This and WBA have been hit hard in recent years from a lingering concern over pressure on drug prices in the U.S. So, both have expanded into drug distribution, not just drug retail. The multiple that the market will pay for either has compressed. So, he prefers other stocks in this space, like Loblaws (which owns Shoppers Drug Mart) Drug. Traditionally, drug retailing is a stable business, but in the U.S. the pricing issue remains an overhang.

specialty stores
He's long owned this, his biggest position. CJT exposes him to the e-commerce trend and has enjoyed super numbers in recent quarters with phenomenal growth. People are more comfortable buying online. There's a 95% chance that they deliver your package by plane across Canada. He would buy this for long-term investors. He'd buy during this pullback.
Transportation & Environmental Services
(A Top Pick Sep 03/19, Up 45%) He bought it 18 months ago, when there were worries about Democratic candidates who may pressure U.S. medical insurance. The Medicare advantage is a serious tailwind given aging demographics in coming years--a lot of people will buy this insurance and Humana sits in the sweet spot. There'll be volatility in this space before the November vote, but medical insurance will remain a force. He sold some shares, but still likes this stock and sees a good long term.
medical services
(A Top Pick Sep 03/19, Down 36%) Last early-march he sold this to raise cash. Their production numbers were way down, but this has bounced back a lot. Problem is, provinces and states are suffering such big deficits, they will spend (a lot) less on buying new buses.