SNC-T looks like they will need to go to court for the issues of the past and will not be able to defer the court action. They now have an interim CEO. She will stay away for now until the dust settles.
Market Outlook The market uncertainty lately has been driven by trade fears between the US and China and more recently Mexico. The rally this week has been driven by potential interest rate cuts. The market needs more economic positive signs to get back to the recent highs. The small business sentiment still points to more spending, which is supportive. US jobs numbers are still good with unemployment under 4%.
She is on the sidelines for the auto parts sector. MG-T had to reduce guidance lately with a slow down coming in Europe. Meanwhile the company is investing in expensive autonomous technology. She is staying away.
She is on the sidelines right now. The regulatory risk is very high and she expects some kind of investigation to be forthcoming. The expectation for the company to have to monitor posts and self-regulate itself will be very difficult.
With the pullback it is yielding 6% and now is a good time to enter. The company still thinks they can get Line 3 in place by late 2020. The growing regulatory process is challenging on both sides of the border -- especially for an existing line. The work has already been approved, but eventually this will be completed. Now is a good time to buy for an income stock.
oil / gas pipelines
She likes this holding in their portfolio and it trades at 1 times book. A trade deal between China and the US will be positive for the market as a whole. She is not sure it will make more than a market like improvement as their business is not focused on goods going in or out of China.

Short interest? She owns TD-T, which has an interest in AMTD-Q. Short interest is one factor she looks at, but does not let it solely influence her decision. With only 2% short interest, it is too small to worry about.

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