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(A Top Pick Sep 30/19, Up 88%) The increased volume from e-commerce has been significant. Air Canada flying less also offers further opportunities for Cargojet. To deliver vaccines to other countries also will increase demand. There is further upside for the company.
(A Top Pick Sep 30/19, Down 22%) People are not going to restaurants because of coronavirus. He is very cautious with all stocks related to entertainment, including restaurants and shopping malls. There won't be a quick snap back in the restaurant sector.
(A Top Pick Sep 30/19, Up 16%) There is still good opportunities in the engineering consulting side. There is potential large spending in infrastructure. The model average return is 26%.
Has a 900M market cap. They make pressure sensitive and water activated sealing tape used in e-commerce shipping. They have 11% free cashflow yield that they would use to pay down debt. Earnings are expected to grow well through 2021. Technical analysis notes that it has reversed a 3 year down trend. Potential 30-34% upside. An e-commerce play. (Analysts’ price target is $18.19)
$20B market cap that operates in N Ontario and California. A very big free cash flow yield. Earnings, sales are both up nicely. They are undertaking a new drilling program that could potentially offer high grade underground deposits. A potential 10-17% upside. (Analysts’ price target is $79.82)