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(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 72%) It did very well and passed on his quantitative system. Their free cash flow is huge. You still have a 5% free cash flow yield, which is above average. Copper stocks should outperform gold stocks over the next 6 months. Then money will move back into gold.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Down 4%) He sold it about 3 months ago on a stop loss.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 8%) It was okay and he still owns it in some portfolios. There is still reasonable opportunity for them going forward.
The auto and auto parts industries will do well. Magna has 320 manufacturing locations in 30 countries. 2.8% dividend with extremely good dividend coverage. They have lots of free cash flow. 17% growth forecast for next year. (Analysts’ price target is $76.17)
Sobeys is their largest brand. They have 350 retail gas stations as well as grocery stores. Earnings are expected to grow 43% next year. (Analysts’ price target is $39.33)