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(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 14%) They make automation processes to assist companies improve their production efficiency. Earnings continue to show good growth. Sales up 17%. PE of 20 times. ROE is reasonable. He no longer owns the stock.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 28%) Freight volumes are strong. In Canada, there is the added opportunity to move oil by rail. Earnings estimates continue to grow as sales were up 15%. Free cash flow grew by 44%. He still owns it personally.
(A Top Pick Jul 24/18, Up 37%) The company has a new distribution centre that is helping the bottom line. They continue to hold it. He sees 15% growth in free cash flow. A good opportunity going forward.
Earnings were positive -- up 86% -- and expected up 26% next year. They are now generating great free cash flow, which goes directly to the bottom line. Target price is $25.50. Technical analysts target $28. Yield 2.84% (Analysts’ price target is $25.14)
Market cap of $69 million. Pain medications create stomach upset. They produce a coating to counteract that. They are also working on a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug in the US. They are testing it on over 350 patients in 35 different facilities. This would put them into an $11 billion US market if successful. The results are expected in end-September. There is a 5 times upside potential here. A speculative buy. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1.45)