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(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Down 15%) People are travelling less and buying less gas. The additional items purchased in-store after filling up is a major component of their business. Covid turnaround play and you should see higher revenues once the virus fades away. Maybe in a year or two, the government may be more receptive to the bid for Carrefour if the chain is struggling. He thinks the move is soundly based on their previous acquisition and operation strategies.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 28%) Still on track for production. They will probably continue to do well. Still good upside for the company. The company trades at a discount due to its geographic location. Well-ranked by model.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 7%) The acquisition of Clearwater was well received by investors. It adds to their distribution of sandwich meats and prepackaged foods. Everybody is trying to eat more healthfully, which should be a tailwind. Still holds it and the outlook is reasonable.
Has a $1B market cap. A play on Canadian infrastructure spending. The yield is decent around 4%. Trades at 5x enterprise value to EBITDA. Trades at a 34% discount to US comparables. 97% growth expected this year, with a PE of less than 16x. Could see a 2-3x upside if it breaks $23. (Analysts’ price target is $20.59)
Auto companies continue to outsource engineering and manufacturing. They do assembly. Sales were up 17% with earnings up 98%. 91% earnings growth expected for this year. ROE is around 20%. Has broken out of a 2 year negative trend. There is around a 38% upside potential. (Analysts’ price target is $118.76)