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(A Top Pick Apr 24/20, Down 9%) There's a tradable rally in gold now, he says citing an analyst, and he sees upside in gold. Overall, you can trade gold for the next 3-6 months. In this space, he prefers Wheaton Precious Metals.
(A Top Pick Apr 24/20, Up 55%) The industry has done well on Biden's election and his green energy platform, but the space has recently pulled back. BLX now has further upside as does the green energy space.
(A Top Pick Apr 24/20, Up 4%) It was doing well until its recent report. Its costs are rising, so CAS is getting squeezed. He still owns it, but if the price continues to weaken, he'll sell it.
Pays a 2.5% dividend, but generates a lot of cash flow at 17.1% cash flow yield. Earnings to grow 14% in 2022 or 11.7x PE. Analysts have bumped up earnings estimates by 2% in the past 90 days. An analyst today said this is trading at historic oversold levels in the past decade. (Analysts’ price target is $190.58)
They're involved in Covid testing. Sales should more than double by Sept. 2021 year end to $25 million with a further 32% growth in sales of 2022 to $34 million. He expects Covid testing will continue to be common for employees and travellers. This stock could double from current levels. Other analysts target even higher, but this is a speculative stock. (Analysts’ price target is $0.80)