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(A Top Pick Mar 18/19, Down 54%) Everything went well until the Saudi/Russia conflict. He is not buying oils at this point.
(A Top Pick Mar 18/19, Down 20%) It does quite well in his models. It is a candidate for purchase. we need to wait until the number of daily cases in the US for CoVid19 comes down.
(A Top Pick Mar 18/19, Down 1%) It is the most profitable waste collection company in North America. He thinks it is a stable business.
They have an 8% year over year increase in sales. 10% earnings growth, free cash flow up 6%. Earnings estimates have been increased by 2% in the last couple of months. (Analysts’ price target is $143.72)
Free cash flow is expected to increase 43% this year and 28% next year. (Analysts’ price target is $57.60)