Robert McWhirter
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President at
Selective Asset Management

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(A Top Pick May 18/18, Down 21%) A increase in commodity prices has been offset by lack of market access. He does not own any energy stocks currently.
(A Top Pick May 18/18, Down 19%) He still sees good opportunity going forward. He owns this personally as well. Yield 2.2%
(A Top Pick May 18/18, Up 34%) Garbage is a growing business. He owns it personally as well. Seems to be a lot of acquisitions in the space and he sees opportunity going forward.
They focus on aerospace services. Payout ratio of 30%. ROE 16%. He expects 11% growth in earnings. He sees a 30% upside potential. Yield 6.1% (Analysts’ price target is $44.09)
Maker of t-shirts and other clothes. Very low payout ratio and modest PE. He sees a 30% potential upside with a $65 target. Yield 1.4% (Analysts’ price target is $50.50)