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(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 66%) Sold it. KL is hugely profitable with two Australian mines, producing high-yield gold. Meanwhile the price of gold has been leaping this year. They bought Detour Gold, which has much less profitable mine. Also look hard at Teranga Gold.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Down 5%) Sold it earlier in 2019. Its outlook is merely okay. Look elsewhere for yield. Rogers is getting hit by its own unlimited data plan.
(A Top Pick Dec 28/18, Up 17%) A core holding and he still likes it. Performs well.
Pays a 3.9% dividend that's sustainable, trades at a good 8.5% free cash flow yield, and a 31% ROE. Boasts an expected 21% upside. (Analysts’ price target is $29.50)
They operate mobile incinerators at oil wells, namely in Mexico. Free cash flow is up 58% YOY. Trailing ROE is 26%. Earnings will grow 29% in 2020, 23% in 2021. Trades at a good 8.6x PE in 2020. Expected 30% upside. (Analysts’ price target is $6.21)