Semi-conductors are seeing a buying signal lately. He thinks tech will continue to be a leader in this inflationary area and likes the earning growth of this company. This is one of the companies than controls market share in the space.

computer software / processing

This stock has been coloured by the pullback in the transports sector. However, the group is still making higher lows. I would prefer XPO-N that sells its technology to all sorts of transport companies. He would like to see more upside on price before jumping back in.


There is great long term growth in the defense sector. The recent trade discussions caused a pullback in the sector early this year, but is now recovering. This is a great time to be a buyer.


What will Apple do with their cash holdings? They will either grow the dividend, buy back shares, or they will continue on acquisitions and R&D. They will not likely do only one, but a combination of all three. A great stock to hold long term.

electrical / electronic

The sector has been consolidating, but the basic materials should participate in the next move higher. They have a great collection of assets to participate in the next move up. He would first like to see a move higher before jumping in, particularly in the base metal prices.


The biotech sector is performing well. He would prefer to own the XBI-N ETF to get a basket and diversify risk.

Consumer Products

This group has had a great run, but there is a lot of optimism priced into the space. What is coming next is the heavy lifting, having to show the money, so to speak. He is actually short the ETF HMMJ-T now. He is worried there was now follow through on stock prices, when the news of legalization was released.