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(A Top Pick Apr 23/18, Up 14%) It is the best of the Canadian banks. We have not had any substantial, continued rises in rates. It has been difficult for them to do better. He has not sold any. He would still buy it.
(A Top Pick Apr 23/18, Down 5%) He thinks there is lots of upside in it. China needs the trade deal more than the US does. Tencent is not exposed that much to the export side of things. It is still growing at 20% plus.
(A Top Pick Apr 23/18, Up 46%) It is a really well run Canadian company. They use debt and then pay it down quickly. He would still be a buyer on pull backs.
A cloud management company. They manage a company's cloud storage and inputs. They are able to manage costs well and add value to the operations. They have a great balance sheet. They have 20% plus growth for a number of years. (Analysts’ price target is $24.10)
It is time to think about this one with the ToysRUS now behind us. The management team is excellent. He thinks they have recovered from the bankruptcy of ToysRUS now. (Analysts’ price target is $50.30)