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(A Top Pick May 06/19, Down 23%) Still likes it. A cloud stock. He'd be buying it now. Great balance sheet. Demand is solid and still there. New economy stocks will survive and thrive, benefitting from people staying home on their computers. Internet meetings could become the New Normal. People are using their computers more than ever in ways they didn't expect it, and some companies will benefit long term.
(A Top Pick May 06/19, Down 59%) They stumbled with a new distribution system in North America and their supply lines from China were totally disrupted. The balance sheet remains strong, so they will survive, but how long will it take for them to recover? When will stores reopen? He's holding on.
(A Top Pick May 06/19, Down 75%) Oil was a poor sector choice. He was hoping this would be a trade, expecting oil prices to rise. Great balance sheet and managers, but oil price have just plunged. ERF will survive. He owns very little of ERF now. ERF has done what they could in this pandemic.
New economy focus. Square lets you pay using a phone. Fintech will be explosive in the next few years. Cash is considered dirty now, another tailwind. This grows at 40% a year. Good balance sheet. Solid and in the right space: tech. (Analysts’ price target is $62.80)
Have 100 million customers. Uber Eats is doing well, though ride-shares are in a hiatus. He's making small positions in this because it could go sideways for a while. Take advantage of pullbacks. (Analysts’ price target is $42.00)