Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Larry Berman CFA, CMT, CTA commented about whether VGK-N, MG-T, CNQ-T, ZWA-T, DGC-T are stocks to buy or sell.


Markets. 30% surveyed think that the Fed could taper this meeting, but he does not think so. Debt ceiling is still a mid-Jan to Feb event. They don’t want to shut down the government again. He thinks actually March is more likely when they talk tapering again. Copper is at a 6 week high but it’s not relatively high right now, considering long term. Not sure if it means anything. Doesn’t think China is taking off in any way. German numbers were good, France was weaker but Europe was better overall. 2014 will be interesting to see if interest rates can go up and the economy still recovers.


We are at the ’09 levels and now they are starting to produce. If they turn around maybe it would be interesting. Doesn’t know about the management and the replacement of the CEO.

precious metals

Dow with covered call overlay. You get extra income. He likes this because the markets are so high. You get the Dow dividend plus the covered call overlay. Broad diversification globally.


Energy stocks are relatively cheap right now. A play for the next 5 years. Be patient and you can probably pick it up for $32 ish in the next couple of months.

oil / gas

If interest rates go up a little bit, what will the impact be on the demand for autos? A lot of stocks that support that sector could be soft. Wait for the second half of the year before buying.


Like the S&P of Europe. Buying it in US dollars right now makes sense.


Doesn’t think the FED wants to raise rates, but they want to pull back on QE stimulus. Because of lack of buying of bonds the rates will tend to go up a bit.