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(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 14%) The only REIT that trades at a discount to NAV. The yield is 6%. It has another 10% in it plus the yield. They have Calgary office space exposure, but they still get paid by Encana.
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 9%) They've had some soft quarters as the potash market adjusts with global growth slowing. The first potash deal with India this year was just signed for $10/ton under market, though the market expected $20 under. The stock has been choppy. Buy below $65, and you can sell around $72-73 as a trade. He's sticking with it. But NTR has lagged the TSX in 2019.
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 4%) Pays big 5-6% dividends without needing to worry about Canadian pipeline politics. Oil is starting to move up again. He's sticking with this.
They have the Star Wars movie coming and Disney+ launches on Nov. 12. They have 40 million US cable customers, and they will all get a free introductory streamng subscription. Not to mention, Disney has their theme parks and ESPN. The stock has pulled back, so it's a good time to enter. (Analysts’ price target is $153.71)
They've been absorbing some acquisitions, including a wealth management one that's 50/50 Canadian/international. The latter will counter the soft global growth; looks pretty good. It went down last year, but will return to the low-80s. (Analysts’ price target is $77.13)