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(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 9%) It has underperformed since the prospect of interest rates has changed. It continues to trade as the only REIT at a discount to its NAV -- the cheapest REIT out there. Its largest single building is in Calgary, so if oil prices could rise they will rise faster than the rest.
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 4%) He holds it as he believes farmers will continue to play catch up on plantings. Yield 4%
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 7%) An improving balance sheet and using cash to pay down debt and buy back shares. He expects a double digit return this year. Yield 6%
Parent of Tim Hortons. A stock that has under-performed relative to its peers. A recent new purchase for them. Popeye's is doing great in the US as well as Burger King. The stock is not cheap, but he likes the yield here. Yield 3.12% (Analysts’ price target is $101.75)
In the fall, Suncor actually lagged the performance of the energy space, so he sees there is opportunity to play catch up. Free cash flow is up to $1 billion per year. He expects higher dividends and greater efficiency. Yield 3.91% (Analysts’ price target is $49.53)