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(A Top Pick May 25/18, Up 4%) His largest bank holding. They beat for the quarter. It will probably go into the $80s. Probably raise the dividend later in the year.
(A Top Pick May 25/18, Down 47%) Sold it more than 6 months ago. Nothing wrong with this company but suffers with the rest of the Canadian group.
(A Top Pick May 25/18, Down 3%) Excellent quarter. Asia very good. Japan great. At book value and less than 10 times earnings.
International has been 15% + year over year. Growing well. The worst Canadian bank usually turns to be the better performer. P/E is 10 and Dividend Yield 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $78.17)
They raised their dividend today. Cash flows in the next 5 years is going to be $25 billion. They have about $4 billion a year of free cash flow. The stock is weak because of the weather. P/E is 16 and dividend yield is 3.6%. As cheap as it has been in a while. Great entry point. (Analysts’ price target is $83.49)