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(A Top Pick Jul 12/19, Up 0%) Still owns it. Most growth among the pipelines. Good recent quarter, and reiterated dividend and earnings growth. A good entry point today, down $1.50 from $45.
(A Top Pick Jul 12/19, Down 10%) Good earnings, but hurt by the perception and reality of low interest rates. Trading less than 10x earnings. A bit contrarian, but still a good entry point around $20.
(A Top Pick Jul 12/19, Up 11%) Still likes it. Trend to cashless society is getting more entrenched. Impacted by lower economic activity, but rebounded nicely. Trades more like a tech stock than a consumer stock.
Always looked expensive, but now is a rare opportunity. The food services side was impacted by the pandemic. Competitors are struggling, so acquisitions are coming that should boost the growth. Raised dividend. Yield is 1.98%. (Analysts’ price target is $39.11)
Popeye's is still trending plus 20% Y/Y. Burger King is a small positive. Tim's is still minus double digits, but this should grow. A year ago, it was $105, and you don't get this chance too often. Yield is 3.78%. (Analysts’ price target is $83.38)