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(A Top Pick Oct 30/18, Up 11%) It is starting move upward now. It is 50% international in its business. They are getting out of Chile and Thailand. They have recently added some Canadian assets that the market did not like. Their last quarterly report was very positive and the market is starting to adjust. He will continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Oct 30/18, Up 34%) It was undervalued a year ago. He didn't expect this type of return. The company has made some US acquisitions that are working well out. Gas margins were above average and e-cigarettes are helping them as well. The recent fear of vaping regulations, won't hurt them, it may just slow their growth. A stock split is expected soon. He thinks another 10% upside is possible this year.
(A Top Pick Oct 30/18, Up 5%) It is disappointing they announced cutbacks in potash production to deal with inventories. When it gets going, it will hit $80, but it may take a little while. People have to eat -- fertilizers will never go out of fashion.
Owns 42% of Canadian Utilities. A safe place with good dividends. He bought it at $43 a month ago. A good track record for raising the dividend. Not a well known player in the space, but a safe way to get back into energy. Yield 3.39% (Analysts’ price target is $51.83)
Their largest bank holding. It has 50% exposure to the US. They are expected to raise the dividend again in November. He expects it move to around $82 per share. Yield 3.85% (Analysts’ price target is $80.25)