Markets. Still seeing good earnings growth in the US at about 6%. Also, there is starting to be some stabilization in Europe, albeit at a very modest level. Asia is stabilizing. The Chinese PEI numbers are coming out fairly good. Also, there is a commitment from Central banks globally to keep interest rates very, very low for an extended period of time. US Fed is putting in $85 billion a month and there may be tapering, but 1st the government is borrowing a lot less money than it used to, 2nd the government is just not going to stop buying all kinds of bonds, they are just going to reduce the amount they are going to buy and 3rd they’ve made a commitment to keep rates low, probably well out into 2015. This gives you a fairly clear runway of issues you can see.


Big innovator in the tool business. Invest a lot of money in their business. Great track record of consolidating the tool industry and doing a very good job of it. Growing internationally. Trading at only 12X earnings. Yield of 2.51%.

misc industrial products

This is a play on joint and hip replacements. They are also into hospital equipment such as beds and lights over the beds. Big innovator and great long-term track record of growing the dividends. Yield of 1.67%.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical

Hoping that this is the next Raging River (RRX-T).(See Past Picks.) Production has gone from 4500 barrels per day to just under 10,000 barrels per day and thinks they will be growing production at a pretty rapid rate. Pristine balance sheet. Not paying a dividend but is growing internally at around 25% production growth per annum per share. Expects to see this at $12 in 12 months.

oil / gas

Railways have had a huge run and US investors have been piling into these things. This one has been an exceptionally well run railway and has performed exceptionally well. Right now they are trading at exceptionally high valuations. There is a modest reacceleration in the economy, which gets investors excited. He would be looking for areas where there is some weakness and avoiding the rails right now.


Did a very good job in the past and has grown revenues very well. Just sold an asset in Brazil, which was a little disappointing in terms of what they received. Tried to sell the company which disappointed investors. Could be some tax loss selling in this name right now. This is one that you could buy realizing that there is some money that is stranded in there. Balance sheet has deteriorated a little bit. Pipelines not only need to be built, but need to be replaced and fixed.

oil / gas field services

Recently sold his holdings. They came out with some pretty disappointing guidance. Thinks they will turn the corner here. They are investing a huge amount of money in research and development. They are investing more money every year than what their major competitor ARM Holding (ARMH-Q) is worth. PC shipment business has been tough. Having some difficulty in the new lines of business. They have been expanding into. Likes the 3.7% dividend which he feels is secure. Good balance sheet. Feels their movement into chips for the cell phone business will be successful but is a lower margin business.

electrical / electronic