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(Past top pick Mar 19/04. Up 7%.) Still likes. Can't see their market share slowing down. Printers will be a huge business for them.
(Past top pick Mar 19/04. Up 6%.) Still likes. Valuation is very attractive. The weakness of the US dollar works for them, not against them.
(Past top pick Mar 19/04. Up 76%.) Still likes. Earnings estimates have gone up dramatically. Would be expensive at $45.
Has been an underperforming company for many years. They are now getting more products through the R&D pipeline. Margins are going up. Benefits from a weaker US dollar.
$70 billion in cash but won't give it back to shareholders. Earnings and revenue have been slowing down because of worries of lawsuits. That is now coming to an end. They are starting to rebuy infrastructure.