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(A Top Pick Jul 16/18, Up 7%) He still recommends it and the insurance space in general. It trades just over book value and has a yield of 4%. There is good growth in Asia and they have expanded into Euroasia as well. A well run company that has managed well since the 2008 crisis. One of his favorites.
(A Top Pick Jul 16/18, Down 52%) It really should not be down. He does not think the dividend is under threat as the balance sheet is strong. It has light crude exposure. He would look to buy more here. He thinks they should buy back their stock. Yield 9.4%
(A Top Pick Jul 16/18, Up 26%) Diversified across several regulatory fronts in the US in power generation and origination. Well financed. Well valued. He continues to hold it. Yield 3.5%.
They just don't get any respect. A leading North American producer in Montney and the Permian. Their Newfield acquisition created some controversy at a very good price. They are already increasing the asset's efficiency and creating good cash flow. Yield 1.58% (Analysts’ price target is $8.59)
They will be reporting earnings today. Thinks they are on their way back after having some difficulty. They invest in a diversified range of private companies with a strategy to grow dividends. Could see dividends increase over the next 2 years. They have deployed capital into a new and existing business that should yield good cash flow in the next few years. Great yield 8.14% which he believes is really sustainable. (Analysts’ price target is $21.22)