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(A Top Pick Apr 16/18, Down 15%) A strong cash-flow generator and he continues to recommend it for the international diversification and good yield of 8%. He thinks the payout ratio is still less than 90% and will be capable of continuing the dividend.
(A Top Pick Apr 16/18, Up 68%) Purchased by Brookfield shortly after recommending it. He sold it soon after the announcement close to the final price. He wished this happened more often.
(A Top Pick Apr 16/18, Up 16%) The Canadian banks have been recovering since December. RY-T is the dominant bank in the country. Overall, it has the scale to compete and has a good balance among its segments. He continues to recommend it.
Their advantage is their scale for mass-market banking. They have been investing heavily in technology and new channels of distribution. A cautious holding to have. Yield 3.83% (Analysts’ price target is $109.26)
They have become a north American company. Management has become astute on reading political winds and moving into the Permian and Eagleford along with strong holdings in the Duvernay back home. Tremendous value over the longer term. Yield 1.1% (Analysts’ price target is $13.71)