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(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 13%) Pays the best dividend among Canadian banks. Still likes it. Trades in line with its peers in terms of valuation. ROE is fairly good. They report next week. Credit has held in well in this space, and all the banks have contained operating costs. The sector is up 14%.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 4%) His second-biggest energy holding after SU-T. Superb managers with great cost control. It's done well in a tough environment, beating the energy group which is down 10% in this period.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 28%) Pays over a 5% yield. They have a $19 billion spending program that they can self-fund without issuing shares. Their leverage is a little higher than their target. They just reported a very good quarter. He's sticking with it. He slightly prefers this over TC Energy.
He's picked this before. It's had its issues, but now is back on track. They have more safeguards in their investments now, and achieve good returns. Managers have done a superb job of managing problems. (Analysts’ price target is $22.91)
They're going more into services. They're integrating a small airline for delivery, so there's synergy. Pays a fine 4.65% yield. A long-term buy. (Analysts’ price target is $31.00)