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(A Top Pick Mar 17/20, Up 34%) He prefers banks with a lower PE and pays a higher dividend, like Commerce and BNS. He still likes RY and will hold it long term. Well-managed with a great franchise.
(A Top Pick Mar 17/20, Up 5%) About 64% of its NAV is in Loblaw, and the grocers have done well in the pandemic, but they also invested a lot in home delivery and safety, so that has limited gains. Over 30% of WN is Choice Properties, and that's been steady. Weston Foods segment should pick up again and do very well. Definitely buy and hold.
(A Top Pick Mar 17/20, Up 6%) The changes within the energy space will benefit Fortis, which has made good steps in ESG to attract ESG investors. This is a long-term hold and pays a fine dividend. He advocates holding utilities for their safe revenues and dividends as we enter this reopening. It will take longer than many expect for world economies to return to previous levels, so utilities are positive in this light.
Extremely well run. The deal with Seven Generations creates greater scale and more capital flexibility. It's a major player in the Montney region. Production is expected to rise, with the combined companies means 340,000 barrels a day. He predicts this will be cash flow positive by year's end. It trades at 3-4x cash flow which will grow in coming years. Will enjoy synergies from the merger. He hopes that cash will quickly pay down debt. Carries a not-bad 3% dividend yield. (Analysts’ price target is $10.97)
It's finally coming into their own. Their flagship mine is performing extremely well while a satellite pit is ramping up for production. He expects more gold and zinc production out of Manitoba. There's been a lift in energy prices in anticipation of the reopening. If they get the production permits for Rosemont, it'll be a huge catalyst. They just refinanced $600 million in debt which shows that their bankers have faith in this company. he expects many upward revisions for HBM. (Analysts’ price target is $11.96)