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(A Top Pick Dec 03/19, Down 26%) The recent incarnation to a unit trust makes sense. It increased their distribution. It has been hurt by the pandemic. Businesses they had holdings, such as Planet Fitness, is now coming back. Going forward, we should see more good news. The yield is good, and growth prospects are good. A fairly unique offering.
(A Top Pick Dec 03/19, Up 20%) Consumer staples have been a good place to be. It is one of the original unit trust companies and one of the oldest companies in Canada. They have benefited from servicing remote communities where there is little competition. They have maintained a good dividend. Management is doing a good job.
(A Top Pick Dec 03/19, Up 3%) A diversified company in terms of types of utilities and energy transportation. They are also in several markets and regulatory environments. Going back to more regular economic activity, companies like this that are stable will represent good opportunities with good yields.
It is a more international bank, especially in South America which should start to do better. They offer a good yield. A very good place to be. Balance sheet and liquidity is strong. It is yielding over 5%. (Analysts’ price target is $68.19)
One of the beneficiaries of the terrible energy market. It is well managed and capitalized. The largest integrated energy companies in Canada. Focused on expense management. It is planning on increasing cashflow in the next couple years. Yield is around 4%. (Analysts’ price target is $25.41)