Brendan Kyne
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(A Top Pick June 15/07. Up 843%.) Massive earnings profile @ $.40 in 08, probably $2 in 09, $3-$3.50 in 2010 and possibly $7 in 2011. Expecting multiple contract announcements this summer. Could be a capacity announcement going from 14,500 metric tons to 20 or 25 thousand metric tons.
Potash. New listing on the TSX. Property is located between the 2 biggest potash mines in northern Saskatchewan. There are drill holes in it. Will develop a big resource here. Expect there will be focus on this company in the next 6 to 7 months. Got a 2nd permit today.
Only publicly traded wind power stock he could find. 2 operating fields in California. Older technology and there will be a retro fit in the next year or 2, which will increase efficiency fourfold. Their project Wind Star is the most prolific wind farm in the US and could potentially be worth $200-$300 million when developed.
(A Top Pick June 25/07. Down 35%.) Sold his holdings shortly after when the Ecuadorian government declared a royalty tax.
(A Top Pick June 25/07. Down 93%.) This was a drilling target off Bordeaux France. Came up dry.