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(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Up 18%) Canada's biggest P&C insurer, IFC continues to snap up busineses. Most insurers lose money on underwriting, but the CEO has done a great job in making money underwriting as well as acquiring other companies.
(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Up 13%) They bought one of the world's largest fund managers. Pays a sustainable 7% dividend yield. In falling markets, active managers outperform, which will benefit Fiera.
(A Top Pick Sep 27/19, Up 33%) This is the spin-off of ALA-T, holding the steady eddy Canadian assets like BC hydro.
A big player in vaccines and a top-10 pharma company in the world. The stock hasn't done much in the last 5 years, because drugs have come off patent. They're now the biggest consumer healthcare business in the world; they will spin off this company in two years. Pay a 5% yield that should rise this year. Vaccines and asthma meds will drive sales. (Analysts’ price target is $50.10)
No price target The biggest distributor of glass and plastic packaging in Canada. They've grown revenues 25% in the last 5 years with earnings up 50%. Trades at 15x earnings and pays a 2.9% dividend yield.