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Stock Opinions by Gavin Graham


The last time he was here was early March 2020, right before Covid. Everything then went into a bubble--stocks and cryptos--then corrected, then the Russian war happened. So, what we see now is resilience--make your stocks all-weather. The strong consumer can last, because we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years. However, we have an inverted yield curve, which signals a recession. Meanwhile, the high interest rates of last year while generate pain later this year.

Air Canada

Planes are packed and AC is doing well in an awful industry--because you have no control over the weather, cost of fuel and what people will pay for plane tickets (to quote Warren Buffett). People are travelling.

3M Co.

They make industrial equipment. They last came out with awful numbers, and this stock has declined over 5 years. Was supposed to be a good bet after Covid, but it has disappointed.

mngmnt / diversified
NVIDIA Corporation

Their last numbers were dreadful, but they talk about AI, all the rage now. Everyone is talking about this stock. Remarkable how people ignore their fundamentals and focus on AI, the current buzzword. They over-relied on the PC market. That said, they make great chips.

computer software / processing
Ingersoll-Rand Co

This is a play on reshoring, on making stuff (industrials like power tools and HVACs), and companies that make things that contribute to infrastructure and industrial growth are in the right spot now.

misc industrial products
Intact Financial
What other metric do you use beyond the combined ratio for lifecos?

Up 34% in 3 years. He looks for book value. IFC trades at a big premium to that, because it  consistently makes money through investment earnings. They've made big recent acquisitions in Canada and the UK. 

Telus Corp

The top telco success story in Canada. They spun out their international business last year. They pay a good dividend yield. They achieved over 100,000 new subscribers last quarter. Canadian telcos enjoy an oligopoly.

telephone utilities
CVS Health Corp

It has come down in recent month, but long-term demographics are wonderful for health. Stick with it, because it will do well. None of us getting any younger.

specialty stores
TC Energy

It will go higher while you get a nice dividend as they build new pipelines. They keep raising their dividend, and TRP will enjoy growth when they complete their pipeline.

oil / gas pipelines
GlaxoSmithKline PLC
(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Down 9%)

Still likes it. They spun off over-the counter and consumer pharmaceuticals like Advil and that's when shares dipped (last fall). He chose it back then to bet on Covid vaccines, but that didn't pan out. But he likes it for that spin off and you get paid a reasonable dividend.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Down 3%)

They got a boost during Covid so it would have been good to take profits then. Now, they face inflationary pressures. They're expanding geographically through acquisitions. Pays a decent dividend. Still likes it.

investment companies / funds
(A Top Pick Mar 04/20, Down 31%)

They had operational problems in Mexico, but they remain a major silver and gold producer. They just took over the Latin American operations of Yamana in tandem with Agnico; this will double their gold production. They have a warrant to reopen a mine in Guatemala, and might reopen. Gold and silver is the place to be.

precious metals
Baytex Energy Corp
Just bought Ranger Oil for $3.4 billion

It has run up 62% in the past 5 years, so maybe leave it for now till it settles. Shares have done very well. There's not much ahead for a company growing a lot. Wait for the dust to settle.

oil / gas
Stryker Corp.

They make artificial hips and knees--a major growth area as the population ages. It pays a minor dividend, is profitable and performance has been strong over 5 years, up 63%. Great long term, given demographics.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Manulife Financial

A great play on demographics and have very long-life insurance policies. Low interest rates dragged on this company, so rising rates will help. Exposure to Asia is another driver, which should see more life insurance sales as the standard of living rises there.

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