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They have 2 billion customers who they sell advertising to. Great earnings growth. When it stumbled to $163, it was a great time to buy. Along with Google, these companies dominate digital advertising. Yield 0%. (Analysts’ price target is $222.69)
They have many amazing brands. At 9 times earnings it is very reasonably valued. They did take on debt for a recent acquisition, but with Carl Ichan on the Board he is a buyer. Yield 3.5%. (Analysts’ price target is $30.55)
Best in breed for ETFs. Not cheap, but quality never goes out of fashion. It trades at 20 times earnings – good for the financial sector. It is taking initiative to dominate market share, while lowering fees. Yield 2.2%. (Analysts’ price target is $607.85)
(A Top Pick May 28/18 Up 7%) The compiler of stock indices. An 84% percent annualized return thus far, he says. It is a great company, because it is capital light, great returns on equity and the revenue continues to grow ($1.8 billion last year). Not a cheap stock and the technical chart is a work of art, he says.
(A Top Pick May 28/18 Down 1%) There is only two rating agencies in the US that matter. Warren Buffet is a long term holder. Not cheap, but the fundamental metrics are great. He likes the revenue growth and great returns on invested capital.