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(A Top Pick Aug 17/16. Down 13.44%.) A terrific company, and shows up as the highest quality company in its group. Unfortunately, they got painted by the specialty pharmaceutical brush. It is getting a bit of a reprieve right now. He still likes this. It has one of the best growth profiles of any of the specialty pharmaceutical companies. The majority of its businesses are not subject to the same type of price controls that could come under government scrutiny.
(A Top Pick Aug 17/16. Up 21.34%.) This had really terrific results shortly after he had recommended it. A very well-run company. It doesn’t face a lot of the same type of problems that a lot of energy companies face. A very disciplined and well run company.
(A Top Pick Aug 17/16. Up 21.05%.) A global freight logistics company. One of those businesses in 2015 that got hit really hard because it had done too many acquisitions with a little bit too much debt into early 2016. Likes that it is a very high, free cash flow business. Trading at about 8.5X EBITDA, and growing in the 20%-25% rate. A fantastic business.
This has done well and is still cheap. One of the more international players. Dividend yield of 1.06%. (Analysts’ price target is $63.96.)
About 15-20 years ago, the top 10 airline carriers in North America only accounted for about 15% of the air volume, and now the top 4 account for 80% of all traffic. This has turned itself into a really, really good oligopoly, so they have pricing power. The interesting thing is that the airline group still trades at about 4.5X EBITDA, because people still have long memories of when they were horrible. (Analysts’ price target is $81.09.)