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(A Top Pick Aug 14/14. Up 21.41%.) Still likes this. This is US consumer centric. They have an excellent platform. Very well-run. More of a growthier stock, so trades at around 18-19 times earnings.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/14. Down 29.56%.) A Short. Started shorting this at around 23-24 times earnings. Earnings didn’t grow that much last year, but now it is almost 30X earnings. He is still Short. They had 80% of the theatre seats in Canada when they did the last acquisition. Thinks their prices are too high. The US box office is up around 7%-8% year-to-date while the Canadian box office is almost flat. Canadians are not going out to watch movies.
(A Top Pick Aug 14/14. Up 26%.) Still likes this. Sold his holdings last year when he saw other opportunities in the market. This is a stock that he probably would look at if it came down a little more. They have a platform called iCom where they are merging all of their products onto. This will streamline their expenses. It will be fully integrated in about 1.5 years.
This is one you can put away in your portfolio for years. The yield curve in the US is rising, we have positive capital market flows and thinks we are going to see that continue for years. You want to buy the financials where the domestic economy is doing well. Dividend yield of 2.54%.
This has a pretty good set up over the next couple of years. Have a new CEO who has a pretty good eye for margins and execution. Management is buying stock on the open market, which is showing a lot of confidence. Margins are about 350 basis points lower than the competition. It is still trading at about 10X earnings. If you normalize those margins and put a better multiple on, such as 11 or 12 times, the stock could be up 30%-40% from here. Dividend yield of 0.90%.