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(A Top Pick March 5/14. Up 4.16%.) This started out as an ETF company in the US, and now has some ETF’s in Canada. They are going to look at stocks in the S&P 500 based on value and growth. Each company is going to get a score, and the top value companies in the top growth companies are in this ETF.
(A Top Pick March 5/14. Up 60.55%.) He likes the story for all Canadian grocery stores. This used to be a grocery store, but is now basically a holding company. Only 36% of sales is attributed to groceries. 37% of all sales now are from people who have their loyalty card.
(A Top Pick March 5/14. Up 0.90%.) This is all about the Cloud. It gives you access to computer services on demand. It has better storage and is a lot cheaper. Has probably been hurt over the last week or so. A little disappointed in its rate of return.
We all love to hate the towers that are out there, but this company owns about 70,000 of them, mostly in the US. They just picked up another 4,000 international towers. Earnings were up about 13% last quarter. They secured another $649 million in acquisitions. There is a consolidation going on in the industry and this company leads the way. The dividend is only 1.89%, so he is looking at it for capital gain. The dividend did increase 29% last quarter and the company has targeted a 20% dividend growth going forward.
Everybody should have some biotech in their portfolio. These are companies that develop drugs that help our friends and relatives, and are a very important part of the economy. Extremely volatile. There is probably no other sector out there that will give you such huge potential over such a short period of time. Of the companies with over $500 million market cap, 81% of them are 10% below their 52 week high, and this is a great time to buy it.