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(A Top Pick August 31/12. Down 41.80%.) This was a regretful choice because they had an SEC investigation, which she didn’t like, so she sold her holdings. In addition, rare earth prices are coming down dramatically. Also, have a very high debt level.
(A Top Pick August 31/12. Up 10.45%.) Sold her holdings at around the $15 level, because it had reached full valuation. However, when it touched down to about $10.50-$11, she bought it back. She is a big fan of the PGM space. Palladium as well as platinum has been outperforming copper and gold. This is still a Buy.
(A Top Pick August 31/12. Up 54.84%.) This was acquired by Argonaut Gold (AR-T) so she sold her position because she was very cautious on gold.
Very impressive management team. Have been building a resource as well as production, pretty much organically. Through the years they have done very well. Lately, to add more confidence to the team, they’ve announced 2 JV deals that will help them fast track and develop some of the land. Roughly about 12 years drilling inventory and have about $300 million in JV now. Sees a lot more growth to come. Valuation is extremely attractive at about 3-4 times cash flow. Very conservative on the debt front. Can see the stock doubling from here. (Host comment: Street sentiment is that the stock will grow 40% in the next year.)
If you have a longer-term view, you could possibly see a double in the energy services’ space, because a lot of energy services stock has gone through a very tough 3-4 years. A lot have paid down debt and are close to completion in building their fleets. Generating free cash flow as well as very healthy margins, ranging from 20% to 30%. As a sector they are all very attractively valued as they hardly have any debt on their books. This is trading at about 4X cash flow and has a 4.43% dividend yield. Also, 2014 is going to be a very robust drilling year.