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(A Top Pick Sept 16/11. Up 11.79%.) From a regulatory standpoint, brokers cannot take on as much risk as before. From a debt standpoint this is good. He is taking profit right now but longer-term he is still comfortable with the name
(A Top Pick Sept 16/11. Up 14.22%.) Still likes.
(A Top Pick Sept 16/11. Up 4.28%.) Still likes.
4.6% bonds maturing 2015. This is a company that is relatively new to the bond market. Have grown a lot more than what the market was expecting. Current spreads of 250 basis points for a 3-year paper is a lot wider than its peer group. Expect these bonds to perform well over the next 3 years.
4.54% bonds maturing 2023. You are lending to a holding company but they are hard asset investments, diversified over North and South America and Europe. At a spread of 233 basis points for 10-years there is a decent pickup for the risk.