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55% of it is in the US, 35% is in Europe and Japan with the rest composed of emerging and Canadian. It has a good dividend without too much reliance on technology. Yield is 2.6%.
This is big-cap China, Taiwan and Korea. Tencent, Alibaba and Samsung are in this fund. This is where he sees growth in the future. It is very volatile from time to time but it's not as volatile as it seems. Yield is 2.85%.
This is in the US, with all the big tech in this fund. There could be a limit to how far the S&P500 index can go, but this is an easier way to see which sector is going to roll over, since all the sectors are represented. Yield is 1.45%.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 12%) They use this in their First Nation Trust accounts where there is more focus on fixed income. It is a US bond aggregate since duration is shorter. It is slightly less interest rate sensitive.
(A Top Pick Jan 07/19, Up 14%) They are one of the lead orders on this. There was a technical issue where it was listed on the TSX and NEO. The fund refused to list it on the TSX. It doesn't have good liquidity due to this and so they gave it up.