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(A Top Pick Jan 24/20, Up 12%) Owns a lot of this. Two-thirds of this are mega-cap Chinese and Korean stocks, including Alibaba, Tencent and Samsung which rank among the biggest in the world by market cap. Yet, they aren't in indexes like EAFE. Eventually he thinks these big names will be migrated into the regular global ETFs. For now, XEC is the way to play them. Growth will come from Asia.
(A Top Pick Jan 24/20, Up 8%) EQL de-emphasizes tech which is perfect for the expected rotation into non-tech sectors. Big US tech is getting fully priced.
(A Top Pick Jan 24/20, Up 2%) He likes Europe. Banks there have been under a lot of pressure. He expects North American banks to do well, but Euro banks are really cheap--and are essential to VE-T.
He likes US midcaps. There are 400 holdings, value-oriented in fincials, It's more cyclical and non-tech. Small-caps still risk going out of busienss, while midcaps are in the teenage phase and will likely survive and are less risky.
He likes gold and he holds bullion. XGD is pricey, though. The underlying stocks here are Newmont, Barrick, Agnico Eagle or Kirkland Lake. You can own the stocks or pay a MER and own them all here.