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(A Top Pick Jul 13/18, Down 3%) Emerging markets used to be the Wild West, but they have morphed into mega-cap stocks like Alibaba and Tencent. Two-thirds of XEC are Chinese big-cap. It's much cheaper to buy this than a comparable American ETF that's Asia ex-Japan.
(A Top Pick Jul 13/18, Down 13%) He loves base metals. There'll be high torque on this ETF. Copper plays significantly in this, because e-cars need a lot more copper than gas cars.
(A Top Pick Jul 13/18, Up 4%) This is the best long-term play on US stocks, an equally weighted S&P that steers away from tech.
Prefers this to GLD-N. He expects gold will rise faster in the next 3-5 years than in the past. A lower CAD will help PHYS-N. He allocates 5% gold in a portfolio, and this could rise to 10.
This holds the world except the S&P. This covers the world, really. A good place to start investing internationally and it is cheap to own.