Ken McCord
Member since: Mar '08
President at
Alpha Pro Management

Latest Top Picks

Gold bullion, not stocks. Technicals indicate that gold is going to run.
Bond ETF. Thinks the 30-year bull market in bonds is over. This provides insurance against expected inflation.
S&P 500 Bear+ ETF. He is bearish on the market in general. This is a levered product at 2X and is not for the faint of heart. His strategy would be to have a half position against his 2 full positions in his other Top Picks.
This is a play on safety. Nice yield of over 10%. More into oil/gas distribution so you can consider it as more of a utility. Acquired Cutbank Complex, which is somewhat accretive.
REIT sector is starting to pop up on his radar screen. A nice diversified play and one of the lower risks in REITs. Debt to equity and payout ratios is very conservative. Yield of about 6%. Had a big growth opportunity with the Bow project in Calgary, which seems to be fully financed now.