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A global star if you look down their revenue streams and where they're getting their money. Pretty much outside of North America and Europe. Not super cheap, but the order book last year was really strong. There is a worldwide shortage of pilots and they pretty much do all the simulation.
A global play on electricity infrastructure. Over a full third of their revenues is in the high growth emerging markets. Also, their developed markets are growing at mid-double digits so you are getting a 20% earnings growth stock for about 17X earnings. Strong dividend growth. Anywhere around $28 would be a comfortable level to buy.
(German stock exchange.) Nice global platform. Have assets that are not getting full value. Own a big piece of L’Oreal (cosmetics) and a big piece of Alcon (eye care). Recently sold a piece of Alcon to Novartis (NVS-N). Core businesses are global in nature. Getting about 15%-20% earnings at 17X.
Basically a play on power infrastructure and productivity across the globe. Likes its emerging-market exposure. Getting almost 30% of its revenue out of emerging markets. Also getting 12%-15% growth out of the developed world. Buy under $20-$29.
Likes this one because it has an Asian advantage. Partnered with a Chinese company (Chinese government owned) to purchase an Australian company. The real driver over the next 3 to 5 years is institutional investors. You will have to be patient on this one.