Jeff Parent B. Eng. FCSI CIM
Member since: Nov '06
VP & Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer at
Castlemoore Inc.

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(A Top Pick Nov 05/18, Down 18%) He guessed it would go to $80 and it did for a moment. The turnaround in the housing market looked good at the time he recommended it. He did buy it and took a small loss. A good trading stock but wouldn’t be buying it right now.
(A Top Pick Nov 05/18, Up 30%) The housing market that is robust has helped this company. The trend is nice so you could buy it now even.
(A Top Pick Nov 05/18, Up 31%) He’s still bullish on Costco. The chart looks good. It looks expensive but sometimes buying expensive stocks is your best bet.
The chart looked good and he bought it around $46.50. He would exit if the price falls to his buying price. It’s looking good for the time being and he’s happy with the recent shot up.
The label manufacturer with a nice run over a multi-year period. Lately, it’s been treading low. If it goes below $55, he would sell. He expects it to go higher in the next 6 months. (Analysts’ price target is $69.75)