Jeff Parent B. Eng. FCSI CIM
Member since: Nov '06
VP & Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer at
Castlemoore Inc.

Latest Top Picks

A cup-and-handle formation that is looking for another break out. He would sell this on a move below $11.00 and targets a move to $14.50. Yield 0%. (Analysts’ price target is $16.00)
The stock is breaking into new bullish new bullish levels above $75 will now target $85. He would put a stop-loss at $70. Yield 1.15% (Analysts’ price target is $73.85)
This company makes three-wheel electric vehicles. A rapid rally above $4 from under $2 came from nothing more than recognition about the company. It carries a lot of risk. His stop-loss is $2.70. He does not own it yet. Yield 0%.
(A Top Pick May 31/18, Up 11%) He should have sold this earlier and he is back close to his entry point. His stop-loss if $15.60. He thinks a break towards $18-$20 is possible.
(A Top Pick May 31/18, Down 23%) He sold it out at a loss during the free-fall from $50 towards $40. He was happy to have a stop-loss.