Jeff Parent B. Eng. FCSI CIM
Member since: Nov '06
VP & Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer at
Castlemoore Inc.

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(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Down 13%) There was momentum, but it failed. Took a small loss and moved on. Hold off on buying, or consider selling. Chart doesn't look great. You can't fall in love with these stocks.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Up 16%) Good dividend. Moved his exit point up to $18. Still likes it. Yield is 8.8%.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Up 21%) Quickly hit his target. As long as it holds above $40, he'll hold or buy some more.
Looks very risky. But there's a head and shoulders reversal. Good support now, possible takeoff point to $13.80, which is his short-term target. Exit point is $8.20. Yield is 0.52%. (Analysts’ price target is $10.48)
Chemicals and so on. Diversified, lower risk company. Could hit $100 in 12 months. If it goes below $75, exit. Looks good based on volume patterns. Yield is 1.93%. (Analysts’ price target is $90.89)