Jeff Parent B. Eng. FCSI CIM
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VP & Portfolio Manager, Chief Investment Officer at
Castlemoore Inc.

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He holds it personally and for his clients. He got in at $26.17. He was looking for 5G stocks and the chart looked good. A fairly recent purchase. If it break out above $28, it could go as high as $35. (Analysts’ price target is $29.33)
It pays a good dividend. Yield of 5.31%. It's found a nice base and it's broken out well. If it falls below $55, he would get out. As a utility type company, it is the one dividend paying stock he would own. (Analysts’ price target is $63.35)
Missed on earnings in October. He doesn't own it quite yet. It's a good stock that still owns the sector and brings in customers. A defensive stock. If it goes below $191, he would get out. He's looking to buy this in the next couple weeks. (Analysts’ price target is $222.63)
(A Top Pick Jan 04/19, Up 17%) It was a low point when he recommended it. He switched out of this for VGT, a Vanguard IT ETF. It's more on the hardware than software side. He thinks there are other sections of tech other than internet that could grow this year.
(A Top Pick Jan 04/19, Up 37%) He recommended it at a low point last year. Today, it moved well. He strictly trades this stock and is not in it right now. However, he has made 30%-50% trading it in the past. He's getting his feet back into energy but he would prefer other names.