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US plays are cheaper. Have done very well in the last year. Some of the risk has been taken out. 8.5 times earnings, just under book.
(Top Pick Jul 6/12, Up 13.17%) A problem with them not hitting a settlement. Next product in a little while. 28 times earnings. Growth is so high that it will be less than 10. Second largest generic drug company in the world. TEVA has a whole lot of warts on it at this point.
They have the largest exposure to Europe in terms of Europe but thinks they have already seen the worst. Their products are very needed.
(Top Pick Jul 6/12, Down 24.44% Total Return) Incredible value. It is so cheap. But earnings could be problematic over the next couple of quarters. She has been selling at higher prices.
(Top Pick Jul 6/12, Up 10.95% Total Return)