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Believes fertilizer companies are well positioned for the next couple of years. Even if its 4X earnings were cut in half, it is still a pretty decent opportunity. Loves the retail aspect of this.
Responded quite strongly since November selloff. Still maintain they can grow in 09 vs. 08. A lot of their database services will be in demand as part of the fix on what has been going on. Becoming an oligopoly. Trading at 13 X earnings. 4.5% yield.
Diversified in areas that it is exposed to. Very high net backs (basically margins) because of the royalty regime in Saskatchewan. Interesting technology to apply to heavy oil. Also about 75% ownership in Petrominerales (PMG-T), oil producer/free cash flow generator in Colombia and Peru.
Oil/gas whose principal producing asset is the Bakken. Producing about 19,000 barrels a day in Saskatchewan. Netbacks are extremely high, some of the highest you can get in Canada. Also have producing assets in Colombia. No matter what happens to oil they have a lot of room to play on netbacks. Market is not giving credit for their oil sands and Thai technology.
Had a production hiccup that caused a fairly substantial fall. That has been rectified. All of the growth multiples have been taken out of this company. Trades at about 13 X earnings. Have earnings growth ahead of them. Low cost producer. Strong management.