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(A Top Pick Dec 15/18, Down 5%) They are expanding insurance operations in Asia. They have excess capital of $2.3 billion. They could do an acquisition or buy back shares. Extremely well run so he continues to like it and hold it.
(A Top Pick Dec 15/18, Down 20%) Tariffs on steel and aluminum worked against them. They were set back by the closing of all the Sears stores. They raised their dividends for 50 years. 14.5 times earnings. A good company and he is sticking with it.
(A Top Pick Dec 15/18, Down 8%) He sold in the $1.90 range. There is talk of them spinning out their cosmetic division but it has not happened yet. He could get back into it. He was unfortunate trading this.
The oldest manufacturer of syringes and other medical devices. There is good growth in emerging countries. They will pay down debt and have attractive dividend growth. (Analysts’ price target is $263.10)
They have good growth opportunities in BC and Arizona. Over 45 years they have raised their dividend. 16 times earnings. A well managed company. If there is more volatility this is a good place to be. (Analysts’ price target is $48.20)