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(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Up 32%) The largest US cable company in the US. People worry about cord cutting but they have a good broad band business. Continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Up 5%) They have been growing their wealth management business. It is cheap and well managed out of Quebec city.
(A Top Pick Jul 25/18, Down 5%) There was some concern about losing contracts. He likes it and they have no debt and are a great infrastructure play.
It has great assets in BC. It has no debt and a famous investor owns 30 percent of it. TECK.B-T may move their volumes to a terminal that they co-own next March. He thinks they can't move all of their volume. They have the ability to increase their dividend and they have no debt. (Analysts’ price target is $25.38)
The US is talking about having Medicare for all. This company does a good job of eliminating cost for all involved. They raised the dividend over the last few years. He sees it as a good solid company. (Analysts’ price target is $287.80)